2018.07.22 Sunday FT

14:00-15:00 | 3 students

15:00-16:00 | 2 students

Thank you for joining today’s Shijo FT class. I really enjoyed chatting with you all today about our topics. I was able to understand a bit more about how job interviews reflect Japanese cultural values and also how parenting may be changing in the near future. Thank you for coming out in the heat, I hope you can all stay cool!



Saturday, July 21st

Fri.   SSB (1) SSB (3)

Sat.  SSB (0) SSB (1) PP (5)

Hello~( ^∀^)

SSB Setting goals for summer 2018

PP Review sugoroku (off lesson day)

今日はさすがに皆さん家からでれへんかなぁー、とvelcoの窓から外を見てたそがれていましたが、皆さんきてくださいました涙 本当に暑い中、ありがとうございます。




SSBのレッスンでは、2018年、10月末までに叶えたい英語の目標をみなさんで考えました( ^∀^)入り口に飾ってありますので、是非見てみてください〜 私も書きたい!というかたは遠慮なく言ってくださいね。





I will always be there for you.


はな、今日も踊ってきます〜 See you soon!!



2018.07.19 Thursday SSB,トラベル,パタプラ

15:00-15:50 3 students SSB
16:00-16:50 3 students

19:00-19:50 4 students トラベル
20:00-20:50 2 students パタプラ


15:00-15:50 0 student トラベル英会話
16:00-16:50 0 student P.P
18:30-19:201 student 5W1H






1. You don’t have to go out at night.

2. You mustn’t go out at night.


1. Are you still at VELCO?

2. Toriki is at the end of this street.


1. I’d like to complain about the room temperature.

2. It’s so uncomfortable!

at the beginningの使い方を!

1. I’m going to Spain at the beginning of August.

2. I got bored at the beginning of the lesson.
Thanks for coming all the way to my lesson!!
See you soon!


2018.7.13.Friday BF&日本文化

18:30-19:30 2people 19:30-20:30 4people 20:30-21:30 4people
Thank you for coming on a hot day! 猛暑の日に有難うございました!☀
Which travel search do you use when you book a flight?
She uses Rakuten travel wibsite.
She booked a ticket through Rakuten Travel Website.
I booked the cheapest flight through Skyscanner.
How do you cool off/cool down when it is hot outside?
cool off / cool down  涼む
暑いですね~ どうやって涼みますか。
Have you ever tried shaved ice from Konohana that is located next to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.Their famous peach shaved ice
looks very tempting when it is sweltering hot outside.
うだるような暑さ~。。。古の花のモモ味かき氷 そそられますね。
watch horror movie to cool off             go to the haunted house to cool down
Hirakata park’s clown haunted house is tempting? ヒラパーのピエロお化け屋敷怖そう そそられます!?
tempting そそる  I’m tempted by shaved ice.   かき氷にそそられる  Shaved ice is tempting!  かき氷魅力的(そそるもの)
is located next to ~に隣接している
北野天満宮に隣接している古の花 カキ氷有名です
Are you going to enjoy Gion Festival?
Will you play quoits/ ring toss game? shooting gallery/ goldfish scooping game /
祇園祭           輪投げ        射的          金魚すくい
How do you say demekin in English?  出目金って英語で可愛いですよ。。
answer: telescope goldfish
外国人観光客お助け隊 大募集!🐡
Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!
京都:7/26(木)京阪出町柳駅 18時 集合!  
京都 7/31(火)JR大阪駅 桜橋口 14時集合!  
お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~金曜20:30~/大津校18:00
Thank you so much for coming! It was fun!

2018,June,10th: Travel & PPC

Travel English PM 7:00~7:50 (2 students)

Where can I catch ~

How often does the ~ go

Is this the right bus to go ~

What the fare to ~


PPC PM 8:00~8:50 (1 student)

Just between us ここだけの秘密

Up in the air 不確実さ!

Twist someone’s arm 誰かを説得して~させる

lose your touch 腕がなまる

Rule of thumb 暗黙のルール

2018.June.4th Travel&PPC

Travel English PM 7:00~7:50 (3 students)


Do you have/ carry ~?

I can’t find ~

Do you know where I can get ~?


Pattern practice PM 8;00~8:50

Don’t sweat  焦らないで・落ち着いて

Freaked out 驚く!

I wish I could できればそうしたかったんだけど。。。

Now and then 時々~

Thursday, F- Class – July 19th, 2018

19:00-20:00 – 5 students

20:00-21:00 – 4 students

Hello from Shijo!

I will be covering this Thursday class, and next Thursday’s class!

For our first class today we discussed where people draw the line between what animals you can eat and what you can’t eat. Before coming to Japan I would have never imagined eating horse, and yet it’s not that strange to eat it. It tastes a lot like dear meat did back in the US. Deer meat isn’t that prominent in Japan, probably because hunting isn’t as popular! We also talked about other differences between American and Japanese food traditions. Did you know that tennpanyaki in America is called Hibachi? It makes no sense, but it is the common American image of Japanese food, after sushi.

In our second class we talked about friends! Who are your oldest friends and how did you meet them? Is there a funny story behind how you met any of your friends? We also talked about coincidences and almost paranormal meetings of people that we know in random places around the world! It can be exciting and scary at the same time if you meet someone you know in a different country!

That’s all for today!



2018.7.12.Thursday 日本文化&BF

14-15 2people 15-16 2people 16-17 1person

Thank you so much for coming on an extremely hot day! ☀ 暑い中大変ありがとうございました。

We talked about summer festivals and food stalls. 🎇 夏祭り時期ですね。

food stalls 屋台

gold fish scooping金魚すくい  / shooting gallery射的 /play quoits / cotton candy綿菓子 / apple candy林檎飴

Which food stalls did you like when you were a child?

What is Play Quoits?  って何?→ 輪投げ

She caught a gold fish and raised it. It lived several years! She took great take care of her gold fish.金魚すくいの金魚が長生きされたそうです。大切に育てられたのでしょう!

Would you like to go to Mitarashi Matsuri on the 26th? It’s a foot-bathing ritual held at Shimogamo Shrine at the end of July. We will enjoy walking in a small pond and cool off. After that, we will eat famous traditional Japanese sweets “Mitarashi Dango.” It is very refreshing! 26(木)はお助け隊で下鴨神社に行きます!みたらし祭り いらした事ございますか。足つけ神事&みたらし団子 体験頂けます! 訪れている外国人観光客とお話しましょう!!🍡

外国人観光客お助け隊 大募集!
Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!
京都 7/16(月・祝)京都タワー1F入り口前 10時
京都:7/26(木)京阪出町柳駅 18時 集合!  
京都 7/31(火)JR大阪駅 桜橋口 14時集合!  
お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~金曜20:30~/大津校18:00
It was fun talking with you!
Thank you so much!