2018.7.18 Wednesday BF

19:00-19:50 2 students
20:00-20:50 3 students


Good evening! Anna です!


今回は、夏にまつわる話題で楽しく皆さんと英会話ができました。Here are some of the topics we talked about:

  1. Gion festival
  2. Marine day (海の日)
  3.  Summer plans and travel destinations
  4. Would you rather go to the beach or to the mountains?
  5. A mini biology class: the difference between horns, antlers, and tusks

Thank you you all for coming this week despite the heat! I hope to see you all next time!



2018.7.11 Wednesday BF

19:00-19:50 3 students
20:00-20:50 6 students


こんばんは、Anna です!



  1. FIFA World Cup (favourite teams, upcoming matches, basic terminology in English)
  2. Sports (soccer, basketball)
  3. News (boys trapped in cave in Thailand, Gion-festival)
  4. Weather (recent rain, typhoons, climate change)
  5. Which countries we have visited and their climates

Thanks for a great turnout today! It was great talking with all of you about all of these interesting topics.

I hope to see you all next week!


2018.7.4 Wednesday BF

19:00-19:50 3 students
20:00-20:50 3 students


はじめまして Anna です!



  1. Brief introduction: name, occupation, etc.
  2. Introducing our hobbies and favourite foods
  3. About work/life balance (e.g. how busy is your job?)
  4. Overview of our daily schedules
  5. Overview of our family structure

Thanks for coming today! Although it was my first day and I was quite nervous, it was great getting to know the students by talking about the five topics mentioned above.

I hope to see you all again next week!