2016/11/12 SB,多読トレーニング、プレゼン英会話

16:00-17:50 1 student

18:00-18:50 2 students

19:00-19:50 0 students

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Thank you for coming!


Whose やwhereを使うパターンをやりました!

Whose の後ろには名詞がきます。


I helped some people whose car had broken down.

a widow is a woman whose husband is dead.



the restaurant where we had lunch was near the airport.

i recently went back to the town where I grew up.


では来週はコンマを使ってextra information を加えるものをやっていきます!



多読は前回スティーブ・ジョブズの伝説のスピーチを扱っていたのですが、やはりこの大統領選に触れようと言うことで持ってきたのが、ヒラリークリントンのconcession speech を持ってきました!これは大統領選に負けた候補者が行う敗北宣言と言われているやつです。なぜトランプのを扱わないんだと言うとやはりあの人の言うことは教材には出来ないと言うことでこっちを選びましたし、内容的にも良いので楽しみながら勉強できると思います!







so i hope u enjoyed it!

Ill see you guys next week!



Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 BF

7-8PM: 5 students (1 trial student)

8-9PM: 3 students

Thanks for coming today! Can’t believe tomorrow is December!

In the first half, we talked about the trial student’s occupation as a firefighter. Then we had a discussion on what the most dangerous job was and came to a conclusion that it could be a firefighter.

In the second half, we talked about Christmas. Then, about our earliest memories.

Some terms that came up were: firefighter (消防士), fire extinguisher (消火器), to take part in (参加する), self defense force (自衛隊), astronaut (宇宙飛行士), ambulance (救急車), boss (上司), politician (政治家), Prime Minister (首相), and President (大統領).

See you next week!


2016/11/30 Wednesday – F Class

13-14 : 1 student

14-15 : 2 students

We talked about traveling to Australia, and all the adventure activities you can do there. We talked about having eye laser surgery and how advantageous it can be. We talked about how different Indian culture can be with the very respectful words used for elders but also how blunt people can be while asking for favors and the lack of polite formulations which can be perceived as rude from foreigner like us, but which are actually seen as too formal for a close relationship there.

We talked about social and financial help systems in France and Japan, such as student grants or pensions. We talked about beggars and homeless people. We talked about the weather in different seasons in France and in different places.

2016. 11. 29 (Tuesday )SSB, Pattern Practice


11:00-11:50 0 student

12:00-12:50 1 student





➀ At (時刻やピンポイントの時期)


I’ll see you at noon.(正午に会いましょう)


She met him at the beginning of November.(彼女は彼に11月の初めに会いました)


➁ In (少し幅のある時間、月、季節、年など)


My mother seldom goes shopping in the morning.(母は滅多に午前中に買い物に行きません)


He will come back in the middle of December.(彼は12月の中旬に帰ってきます)


➂ On(日、特定日)


I bought this umbrella on a rainy day.(私はこの傘を雨の日に買いました)


I’ll have a party on my birthday.(私は誕生日にパーティーをします)




13:00-13:50  1 student





◆I want you to ~(私はあなたに~して欲しいです)


◆It is hard for me to 〜(〜するのは大変です)




2016/11/29 Tue: FT

FT1: 19:30-20:20, 3 students
FT2: 20:30-21:20, 2 students


  • What do you understand by ENJO KOSAI (compensated dating)?
  • The women of what age are involved is this business?
  • Is it the same as prostitutions? If yes/no, explain.
  • Watch this video, listen to the testimonies, and share your initial thoughts with other students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NcIGBKXMOE
  • Who should be responsible for fueling this problem? The girls or Japanese men`s fascination with hight school girls (pop-idols, fictional characters)? Explain in details.
  • What do you understand by `sexual mencherdaising`?
  • Let`s go back to the definition of ENJO KOSAI: what does `compensated` imply?
  • What is the problem? What are some solution to tackle this problem?
  • What makes the girls vulnerable to the sexual abuse?


2016.11.28 Monday : 入門トラベル英会話、SB

1:00pm ~ 1:50pm 2 studentS
How do I get to gate A? のように聞いてみましょう!

2:00pm ~ 2:50pm 3 students
3:00pm ~ 3:50pm 3 students

7:00pm ~ 7:50pm 4 students
8:00pm ~ 8:50pm 6 students


-> When I arrived at the station, the train had already left.

-> When I went to the shop, the jacket had already sold out, so I bought it online.


2016.11.25.Friday BF&日本文化

18:30-19:30 3people 19:30-20:30 3people 20:30-21:30 5people

Thank you so much for coming today!ご参加ありがとうございます!


Thank you for participating in Otasuketai in the morning. We met several groups of people, and many of them were from the United States. They were travelling in Japan during Thanksgiving holiday. It’s celebrated on the forth Thursday in November in the United States. Nowadays some shops in Japan also hold Black Friday sale. お助け隊へのご参加も大変有難うございました!北野天満宮の天神さん賑わっていましたね!多くのAmerica の方がたがThanksgiving Holiday で旅行されていました!

She visited Matsumoto, Chikuma city, Mt. Koya and etc. What have you surprised in Japan? Good question! She was impressed by kind and friendly Japanese people. 松本、千曲市、高野山など旅行され、日本で驚いた事は、いいご質問です。日本人の優しさ、フレンドリーさに感動!

Aeon Mall also held a Black Friday sale! We talked about Thaksgiving holiday, turkey and black Friday. 日本もブラックフライデーセールが開始されイオンモールもやっていました。

The company is in the black. 黒字 ⇔ in the red 赤字

a company goes into the black 会社が黒字になる

Her recommended cream puff is the Chestnut cream puff from Adachiotoemon! She looked very happy when she talked about it. She was making our mouths water. 足立音衛門の栗のシュークリームかなり😋そうです!よだれが出そうなお話 make my mouth water

We talked about the history of Rokkakudo temple. Who built Rokkakudo temple and why? You can enjoy beuaituful willow trees through the window of Starbucks cafe. 六角堂の歴史、誰が創建したのか、その理由は? スターバックスの窓から見える六角堂と柳がまた美しいですよ。

外国人観光客 お助け隊  参加者大募集! 初心者の方も大歓迎です!

11月29日(火)梅田スカイビルディング  クリスマスマーケットが行われています!観光客に出会えるといいですね!  JR大阪駅 桜橋口 14時集合です!

Thank you very much!


2016.11.26 Sat. SSB トラベル英会話

13:00-  1people  14:00- 1eople  15:00-  4people



leave には結構いろんな意味があります。


I am going to leave at 6:00a.m. tomorrow morning.(明日の朝6時に家を出るつもりだ)


She had left me. (彼女は去ってしまって、もうここにはいない=ふられた)


I left my key in my room.(鍵を部屋に置いてきた)
*日本人はよく forget を使いますが、leave が適当な言葉です。

Leave me alone!(ひとりにして=ほっといて!)