2018. 12. 4 (Tuesday) G2

14:00-14:50  1 student

15:00-15:50   3 students




 According to  (〜によると)

According to the weather report, it will rain tomorrow.☔️ 

As for    (〜に関しては)

As for me, I’m not interested in such a thing.👨‍💻

As of     (〜時点で)

As of October 1st, the law was enforced.🗓

Because of (〜のために)

She could not eat well because of a high fever.

By means of (〜という手段を使って)

We communicate by means of language.

Close to(ほぼ〜で、〜に近い)

Their income is getting close to the standard.

Due to(〜のせいで)

Due to the traffic jam, they weren’t able to arrive on time.🚙🚌🚗

Except for (〜を除いて)

I like my job except for salary.

Far from (〜からかけ離れて)

The real situation was far from my ideal.


上記の群前置詞を使って英作練習をしました^ – ^


Yumi ⛳️



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