Thursday F- Class August 30th, 2018

19:00-20:00 – 2 students

20:00-21:00 – 3 students

Hello Everyone it’s William!

For this week and next week I will be teaching the Thursday night free talk!

For our classes today our topic was about movies! We started the conversation about the recent movie Don’t stop the camera. It’s a japanese movie that is known for being low budget and with unknown actors, but despite this fact it has seen great success in Japanese theaters.

Our conversation then moved on to Movie critics and criticizing movies. We talked about the cinematography of movies and how movies are an art form. They can be used as ‘popcorn movies’ where they are created to be enjoyed, think superhero movies and action films. And then there are thought provoking movies that make you ask questions of the story as you try to understand the plot.

We also had smaller conversations about godzilla, censorship in the Japan vs the US, and even the differences in movie ticket prices.

That’s all for tonight,


2018.8.29 Wednesday BF

19:00-19:50 1 student
20:00-20:50 3 students


Hi everyone,

Anna です!今日もレッスンにお越しいただき、ありがとうございました。


  • Awesome! :素晴らしい、すごいね(nice や great のように使える)
  • jargon: 専門用語(一般の人、素人にはわかりづらい言葉)
  • 意見・言い分:opinion, argument(注:argumentは口論、議論などの様々な意味がある!)
  • 反論:counter-argument, rebuttal, refutal/refutation 昇給:pay raise, raise
  • problem solving: 問題解決(レッスンでは言い忘れましたが、solve と solution の語源は同じ)
  • 〜してもらう: have something done for me 
    • 例:奥さんにお弁当を作ってもらった → My wife made lunch for me
    • この場合、My wife made lunch だけだと、受け身のニュアンスが伝わらないので、”for me” を入れる。

また、時系についても一緒に考えました。以前あった人(現在は関わりが無い)について説明する際、過去形を使う。(例:I met her last week. She was very nice. She came from Italy. )

「失敗を恐れずに英語を話す」ことが大事だという話で一時間めは終わりました。Don’t fear mistakes / don’t be afraid to make mistakes!


  • I’m thinking about ~ (e.g. getting a pet):〜をしようと思っている、〜をしようか考えている(例:ペットを飼おうと思っている)
  • Take care of ~ (e.g. pets, work):世話をする、処理する
    • I’ll take care of it! は何々(仕事やその他)やっておくから任せて!のような感じで使う。
  • on the internet:ネット上で
  • bark:犬が吠えること・鳴き声、meow:猫が鳴くこと・鳴き声
  • fish tank: 水槽(もっと小さい場合は fish bowl、もっと大きい場合は aquarium)
  • hermit crab: ヤドカリ
  • dragonfly: トンボ
  • butterfly: チョウ
  • firefly: ホタル
  • cricket: コオロギ
  • grasshopper: バッタ
  • stag beetle: クワガタムシ(stag = 牡鹿)
  • rhinoceros beetle: カブトムシ(rhinoceros/rhino = サイ)
  • cockroach: ゴキブリ
  • frog: カエル
  • rodent: げっ歯類(ネズミやリスなど。ハムスターも含む)
  • herbivore: 草食動物
  • sap: 樹液
  • nectar: 花の蜜、果汁

Thank you all for coming today! It was a lot of fun discussing about various topics from work to favourite insects. We were able to cover a wide range of interesting terms – I appreciate all the participation. See you next week!


2018.8.29 Wednesday

SSB1 2students

SSB2 1students


SSB1 比較級を練習しました。


形容詞・副詞の語尾に er、 もしくはerが付かないときは単語の前にmoreを付けます。

また、~A than Bで [AはBよりも~だ。] となります。

I am taller than him.     私は彼よりも背が高いです。



SSB2 最上級を練習しました。


形容詞・副詞の前にthe、そして語尾にestを付けます。もしくはestが付かないときは単語の前にmostを付けます。the most….となります。

Kate is the tallest in our class.     ケイトはクラスの中で一番背が高いです。

Kate is the tallest of all the classes.     ケイトは全クラスの中で一番背が高いです。



ofの後にはいくつかある物・場所・人(複数) が続きます。




Risako :))



2018. 8. 28 (Tuesday)SB SB

14:00-14:50 2 students

15:00-15:50 1 student


◆現在完了形 の紹介🤹‍♀️🎪





現在完了系は現在でも過去の一点でもなく 過去から現在へとつながる線状の時制と考えます^ – ^


① The train has left the station. 🚇 (その電車はすでに駅を出ました)

② I have lived in Osaka for ten years. (私は大阪に10年間住んでいます)

③ I have visited the place 3 times. (私はその場所へ3回行きました)

◆ 過去完了形の紹介


① The train had left when we got to the station. 🚃 (私たちが駅に着いた時、電車はすでに駅を出発していました)

② I had lived in Osaka for 10 years before I moved to this town. (私はこの街に引っ越す前に10年間大阪に住んでいました)

③ I had visited the place once before I turned 20.


などなど^ – ^


次回のレッスンは9月11日です^ – ^ 教室でお会い出来るのを楽しみにしております😄


2018.8.23.Thursday 日本文化&BF

14-15 0person 15-16 0person 16-17 1person

Thank you so much for coming on Thursday!

Welcome to Velco! We talked about our homestay experience.

His host family did not try to use dish detergent that is harmful to environment. They also tried to conserve electricity. They did not use air conditioner. My host family also tried to conserve water. They let me take a shower for five minutes. They were eco-friendly people. We learned from them.

ようこそベルコへ! ホームステイの経験等話し合いました。電気や水の節約、自然保護 ホストファミリーから学ぶことが多くおありだったそうです。私もカナダのホームステイでシャワーが5分でした!

Would you like to join Otasuketai as a volunteer? There will be a plum wine festival held at Kitano Tenmangu on the 17th of Sep. We will enjoy the event helping foreign and Japanese visitors!

9月17日(月・祝)北野天満宮にて行われる 梅酒祭りに ボランティアとして参加しながら楽しみませんか! 外国人の方々も多く訪れ また 梅酒にも詳しくなれるイベントです。活動時間は9時~16時 (原則この時間帯ですが応相談) 主催者側より1500円 交通費あり 是非!

お申込み。ご質問 Tonomura or   30(木)までにお願い出来ますと幸いです。



It was fun talking with you!

Thank you so much,



2018.8.27 Monday : SB

19:30~20:20 1students

20:30~21:20 1students






・Feel you ……同情

・Get it……一番日常的な分かる(了解的な)

・That makes sense……物事の意味が通る




→please tell us something you cannot tell the difference

ex. ブランド服、高い寿司、sea ocean、probably>perhaps=maybe、







  • Take……「取る」
  • Get……「手に入れる」
  • Put……「置く」
  • Make……「作る」「する」
  • Pass……「渡す」
  • Run……「走る」「なる」
  • Go……「行く」
  • Come……「来る」
  • Turn……「回る」
  • Give ……「与える」


  • up……「上」(方向)「~しきる」
  • on……「上」(位置)
  • off……「離れる」(空間、時間的)
  • away……「離れる」(移動、物理的)
  • in……「中」
  • over……「覆う」
  • around……「周り」
  • down……「下」
  • out……「外」「なくなる」
  • back……「戻る」

Monday August 27th, 2018: Travel

14:00 Travel 1 student / P.P no students

At an amusement park

I bought the ticket *in advance.
最近はだいたい入場券も前売りで購入でしょうか *in adcance前もって

Standing in line is boring. やっぱり並んで待つのは退屈、、

It’s boring.⇔I’m bored.との違いについて

It’s exciting!! I’m excited. などもそうですね、

最近は皆さんDisney land やUniversal Studio 行かれましたか?

Thank you for coming today.
I’ll see you soon. -YUKIKO- \(^o^)/




2018.08.26 Sunday FT

14:00-15:00 | 6 students

15:00-16:00 | 4 students

Thank you so much for joining today’s Shijo FT class! It was great to meet Tetsuaki and Yasumasa at today’s lesson. Today’s topics were “Cars and Driving” and “Wishes”. Today we had an interesting conversation, and I asked a question that confused a few students so I would like to repeat it again. Today I asked, “When you were a child, how would you answer the question, ‘What would you like to be when you grow up?'” This means the answer you would say when you were a child. It was a little confusing so I hope it is easier to understand now. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, I would be happy to help. Take care!

2018.08.25 Saturday FT

16:30-17:30 | 5 students

17:30-18:30 | 5 students

Thank you for joining today’s Shijo FT class. It was great to meet Yukio and Hiroyuki today, and I hope you were all able to enjoy the lesson. Today’s topics were “City Life” and “Home Renovation”. If you still had any questions about today’s discussions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Take care!

Saturday, August 25th

Fri SSB (2) SSB (N)   Sat SSB (2) SSB (N)


We’ve had amazing lessons. Thank you so much for showing your motivation. Like I said, practice and mistakes make perfect and I’m faith in you!

I have a news to tell you, which is about a change in my lesson schedule. From next month, I will only teach on Fridays ; 19:30 and 20:30 class (both are SSB class). So I hope to see all of you an Friday nights. Don’t go for a drink but come to my lessons and learn English together hahaha

It means, it was my last day teaching on Saturday. I’ve had lots of lots of memories that I won’t forget. All were just amazing. I always feel that I’m blessed to have such an amazing students 🙂

Today we learned about adverbs. Here is my question, how often do you use adverbs? More or less, they are important essence to enhance your English ability. Adverbs (副詞) are for explaning verbs (動詞) more in detail. For example,

1. She walks.  2.She walks happily.

Which sentence brings you more imagination? The answer is clear, 2. does.

In other words, adverbs are for saying “how the incidents happened”

She walked quickly? She walked slowly? She suddenly started walking? She walked surprisingly fast?

Don’t you feel adverbs are important?????(・∀・) I think they are!!!

Here are some adverbs you may use.


Enjoy using adverbs and make your communication more fantastic!!

I hope you guys have wonderful weekends and see you soon!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful smile and your  passion during my lessons. I appreciate it so much.

Bye for now!