2018.5.5 Saturday: リアルな日常生活英語,、発音マスター、Free-Talk

I’m back so soon! And it’s Children’s day~~ こどもの日だよ。かぶと の画像 Did you put up the Koinobori? 🎏🎏🎏
(ちなにみこいのぼり is in English Fish flag or carp streamerらしいですよ~) 😂😂

14:00~15:00 2 Students

We did about numbers today! 📆🔢 色々な数字を言ってみながら、…teen & ….ty を気をつけながら練習うしました!13, 30 / 14, 40/ 15, 50/ 60, 16/ 70, 17/ 18, 80/ 19, 90

Vocabulary Practice は Convert を使って色んな currency にかえてみました~

1. Eg. I’d like to convert yen to dollars.
-I’d like to convert ___ to ___.

2. Eg. I’d like to convert 10,000 yen to dollars.
-I’d like to convert (numbers)  ___ to ___.
-I’d like to convert 100 dollars to real.
-I’d like to convert 1 billion yen to dollars.

Conversation Practice もやりました!Staff and customerシナリオで練習しました~

C: I’d like/Can I have the pancakes with a cup of coffee.
S: OK/Sure/Of course that will be 20 dollars.

15:00 ~ 16:00 1 Student

One on one~~ Got to practice more! ^0^/
We did: F and V
Fは、上前歯を、下唇の上に乗せてみて! 息をフーッとお腹から出す。これが英語のFの音です。色んな言葉を練習しました:

  • feel      *fan
  • fall      *ferry
  • fairy      *sniff (かぐ)
  • beef       *frog
  • french fries  *firefighter (2回!)

Tongue twister に挑戦!
–Fiona swims fast like a fish.
-Every Friday Freddy fries french fries in the frier.

Fred _____ (verb) ______ (noun) for five days.

Eg. Fred finds his mini-fan for five days.


  • van  *vest
  • very   *seven
  • view   *five
  • vote    *volcano
  • above  *leave

Tongue twister に挑戦!

-Kevin plays the violin on Valentine’s day.
-Very talented vet visited several wolves.

Victor _____ (verb) a ______ (noun) at a/the________(place).
Eg. Victor ate vegetables at a vegetarian restaurant.

Free- Talk
16:30 ~ 17:30 3 Students
17:30 ~ 18:30 2 Students

We started our free talk, talking about technology, machines and how it has effected us. We’ve came to this topic since one of the student is training himself to fly a drone! Wow!
We had some time talking about Rumba (the automatic floor cleaner) as well! Would you get one for about 50,000 yen? I know I wouldn’t, it’ll scary me!

Second hour we talked about different airlines and which is the best to take to where. We got to talk about all our experiences riding different airlines.

Holidays are over but everyone seemed motivated to get back to work so all the best!☆☆


Thank you for having me! (^ε^)-☆

2018.4.19 Thursday: Free-Talk

I’m back (for just today ^^”) everyone~ I missed you all so much that the season has changed! :O

Free – Talk
19:00 ~ 20:00 5 Students
20:00 ~ 21:00 5 Students

Good to see familiar faces! ♥ And nice to meet you for others who came! Thank you! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

First hour we introducing ourselves and got to know each other and I had some
questions about my experience aboard. I also got to know most of my students traveled aboard! Cool!
After, we had a conversation about “Strange food” we’ve had or seen.
I got some unusual food from, dog meat to sheep brain! We all were curious of how these tasted and it was really fun to see everyone’s reaction.

We also talked how English pronunciation is difficult and about everyone’s opinion on how we can improve or how native people will recognize us as Japanese easily, with the pronunciation we have.
Practice makes Perfect, so don’t ever give up! ☆

Second hour, we played a game of storytelling, where we roll a bunch of dice, see what picture we got and we come up with any story we can think of.
We’ve had some very interesting stories from, co-worker had a kiss mark on his neck to a jet that hit a hot air balloon!
Students were really into it (some were serious!) and we had a great lesson!

Thank you for having me as your teacher today! I hope to see you all real soon! (^ε^)-☆

2017.12.23 Saturday: リアルな日常生活英語, Free-Talk

Hello everyone! First time teaching at Shijo Velco! How fun and exciting it was!

14:00~15:00 3 Students
15:00~16:00 3 Students

First class we did about Movies! 🎥
Movies や Films とも言います。映画はどこで見ますか?
At the…. Cinema/ Movie theater. 色々な映画ジャンルもやりました〜

Documentary, Western, Silent, Comedy, Romance, Action, Sci-fi, Mystery, Historical, Animation, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Adventure, Musical, etc….

次は映画で使える形容詞もやりました〜 例えば、
+ Positive = Good! Amazing! Interesting! Great! Exciting! Enjoyable, etc….
– Negative = Bad, Boring, Terrible, Horrible, etc….
他には、Strange, Unusual, Educational, Special, Funny etc…

Director, Producer, Hair Stylist, Cameraman, Actor/Actress, Costume designer, Make-up artist, etc…
A director directs.
A producer produces.
An actor acts.
A cameraman shoots the scene.
A costume designer designs.

映画について conversationも練習しました〜
Such a fun topic!


Second class we did about “Patterns” for clothes or anything we have.
例えば~ Striped, Polka-dot, Checked, Plaid, Flowered, Print, Solid, etc

Small, Medium, Large, Baggy/Loose, Tight, Long, Short, High (heel), Low (heel), Wide, Narrow, Heavy (coat), Light (coat), etc.
This is a striped, baggy sweater.
I have flowered tight pants at home.

He has a cool black coat.
I have a red checked shirt.
I bought a flowered grey sweater.

+ Positive = Lovely/ Beautiful! Nice! Good! Amazing! Interesting! Great!, etc.
– Negative = Ugly/ Not nice, Terrible, Horrible, Bad, Awful, Tacky, etc.
For eg; That’s a nice green wool skirt!


1 2 3 4 5
Opinion (Lovely) Size (Small) Age (Old) Colour (Red) Material (Wool)

We had fun making sentences!

Free- Talk
16:00 ~ 17:00 5 Students
17:00 ~ 18:00 5 Students

Nice to meet all of you! 😰🤩 *super nervous and excited*

Had a fun introduction and everyone was curious about Dubai! I talked a lot about my experiences and how living in Dubai was for me. I’ve mentioned a lot of negative things as living there isn’t too easy than it looks. Of course I’ve mentioned about the good things too! For example, food is good, it’s a safe country, things aren’t too expensive and so on. So I suggested everyone to travel there at least once in their lives.

I asked everyone how to survive during winter as I’m new to winter and got some good tips! Also heard some of the good hot springs are in Gifu and Nagano. Do you all think so too?

In the second hour, we had some Christmas riddles!! ☃️🎅🎄🧝‍♀️
In the beginning it was diffcult to get used to it, but after 5 riddles or so, everyone has some good guesses and we started to enjoy them. There were some clever play on riddles too!

For example;
– What do elves learn at school?
The elf-abet!
– What do you call an old snowman?

There were anymore~ So much fun! I really wanna come back and talk with you all again! Thank you for an awesome Saturday!

Hope to see you all soon~ ☃️