2018.09.29 Saturday – FT

16.30 – 17.20   2 students

17.30 – 18.20   1 student

Thank you for coming today, especially on a rainy day like this. Today we spoke about low-budget movies, actors, and film directors and shared ideas on what to watch next. We shared some dried fruit together (delicious mango) and spoke about motivation, what makes us motivated and methods for increasing motivation – very interesting insights! We also talked about beauty standards and how it has changed over time, in Japan, and other countries. Thank you to all for your contribution, see you next week!

2018.09.22 Saturday – FT

16.30 – 17.20   4 students

17.30 – 18.20   6 students

Hello everyone, it was nice seeing you all today! Today a new student joined us, and some of you hadn’t met before so I’m glad that we all did a brief introduction of ourselves.

We began with talking about the equinox and solstice, then from a pouch with notes we randomly picked topics. It became; sounds, body language and weather. Using the five Ws (who, what, why, how, where) we formulated questions to ask each other. Great discussions, thank you all for your contribution. For our second class we spoke about the environment, discussed different types of pollution, power stations, and methods of recycling.

Thanks everyone, have a nice weekend and see you next week!


2018.09.15 Saturday – FT

16.30 – 17.20   4 students

17.30 – 18.20   3 students

It was good seeing you all today, thank you for coming! After a nice chat getting to know each other we read two short stories, looked at vocabulary and discussed the meaning of the texts, in pairs and then together in the class.

We learnt a bit more about each other playing games and practiced ways of talking about past life experiences using past tenses (for example “I forgot/I had forgotten”)

Thanks everyone!

2018.09.08 Saturday – FT

16.30 – 17.20   4 students

17.30 – 18.20   4 students

Hi everyone, thank you for coming to class! It was great to see some new faces today, glad to meet you all. Today we began by catching up on the previous week. Then choosing from different topics we talked about the educational system in Japan; pros and cons, before and now, personal experiences and ideas on how it can be improved. We also spoke about appearance, in a society context, and how we judge others and ourselves. Thank you for the interesting inputs. See you next week!