Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 BF

7-8PM 2 students
8-9PM 2 students

Thanks for coming!

In the first half, we talked about places to visit in Shiga. One student went to Hama-otsu last weekend to see a ship called “Michigan.” We came to a conclusion that the countryside is more interesting than major cities like Otsu or Kusatsu.

In the second half, we talked about our homes and our favorite places in the house. Then, we moved onto talking about the students’ occupations.

Some terms/phrases that came up today: have an urge to (~したい衝動に駆られる), to be held (開催される、行われる), foggy (霧がかかった), cave (洞窟), kind of (ある程度、やや、多少), neighborhood (近所、近隣), to commute (通勤、通学する), ingredient (材料), one day (ある日), there’s no place like home (家ほど落ち着く場所はない), and home sweet home (我が家が一番).


31.08.2016 Monday Free Talking

19:00 – 19:55 – 2 Student
20:00 – 20:55 – 3 Student

Thanks all for coming and for lovey lesson today. In the first part of the lesson we spoke about dating as one of the students went on a blind date last week. Each of the students felt comfortable enough to share their dating experiences. After we discussed different dating methods, interracial dating and public attitude to cougars.

In the second part, we spoke about various topics from what makes us happy, teaches that have inspired us, recently zombie movies we have seen and how we would survive a zombie apocalypse.

Thank you all for lovely lesson. 🙂

2016.8. 30 (Tuesday )SSB, Pattern Practice


11:00-11:50 1 student

12:00-12:50  1 student




Q .  A yellow or green fruit that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.


A.  Pear  (梨)






She looks nice .(彼女は素敵に見えます)

She always dresses nicely  .(彼女はいつも素敵に装っています)


He is a serious  man.(彼は真面目な男性です)

He takes everything seriously.(彼は何でも真面目に受け止めます)


◆語尾がly の形容詞の紹介


lovely, friendly, elderly, など




13:00-13:50  1 student


◆Is S worth 〜ing?(Sは〜する価値がありますか?)


◆How about 〜ing?(〜するのはいかがですか?)





2016.8.30 Tuesday: TOEIC800&パターンプラクティス

18:30~19:30 1 student
19:30~20:30 1 student





I know you can do it!!


20:30~21:30 4 students

今日はまず先週扱ったas long asとmust be~の表現を復習した後、

end up Ving



I ended up going home.  結局家に帰った


I was planning to go drinking with my friend,
but since she cancelled on me at the last minute,
I ended up going home.


It ended up not raining today!!

See you next time 🙂


2016.8.26.Friday BF&日本文化

18:30-19:30 2people 19:30-20:30 3people 20:30-21:30 2people

Thank you so much for coming today!! 金曜日はありがとうございました!

How was the obon holiday? I definately agree with you! The akafukugoori she enjoyed in Ise was absolutely delicious! What is akafukugoori? It’s matcha flavored ice and akafukumochi is inside of the ice. On a boiling hot day, akafukugoori hits the spot!

暑い夏の日 赤福本店の赤福氷は申し分ないですね。。

I hope you will enjoy travellig to Thailand! He got a lot of information from other students! Ancient ruins of Ayutaya is very famous. She recommened that he try Pad Thai which is stir-fried rice noodles. I really like the flavor of Pad Thai. I once enjoyed coconut flavored Massaman curry. タイ旅行へのアドバイスなど色々頂けて良かったですね! アユタヤ、パッドタイ(これは美味しいです!)あとマッサマンカレー ココナッツが効いたのを頂いた事がありとても美味しかったです!

She highly recommended that you travel to Kanazawa and Konpira using the Seishun 18 kippu. The Seishun 18 kippu allows you unlimited ride on local and rapid trains! This ticket is good until September 10th. 青春18切符で金沢と金毘羅へ旅行 生徒さんお勧めの切符活用法! 9月10日まで有効です!行ってみたいです!

The teachers from Nanohouse and I went to Kitano Tenmangu on Thursday! There was a market held on that day. They were very excited to watch people scoop goldfish. She has seen this goldfish scooping in a comic book!ナノハウスの先生方 北野天満宮マーケットで金魚すくいとても嬉しそうに見ておられました。 漫画の中で出てきたのでご存じだったそうです。



9月 外国人観光客お助け隊





19日(月・祝)平安神宮は 秋の神苑無料公開!!

Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!

京都:午前10時 京都タワー1F入り口前 集合  

大阪:午後2時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口 集合!  

19日(月・祝)は平安神宮 現地合流もOK!です!


お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~ 金曜20:30~もございます!

Thank you!


2016.8.25. Thursday 日本文化&BF

14-15 1person 15-16 1person 16-17 1person

Thank you so much for coming today!!

How was your trip to Taiwan? He enjoyed his trip very much. 旅行のお話など有難うございました!

He flew Peach! Was it comfortable? One of the students told me that Peach offers you various kinds of meals. You can make a reservation ahead of time. 夏は遠方お出かけされる方が多いですね!台湾は如何でしたか!?He tried Shudofu which is translated as stinky tofu.臭豆腐にも挑戦! 生徒さん情報、ピーチの機内食は豊富で事前に予約できる! たこ焼きも予約できるみたいであの美味しい匂いがたまらないでしょう!

I wanted you to join Otasuketai today!! We went to Kitano Tenmangu because there was a market held in the shrine.  お助け隊!是非ご参加下さいね!ナノハウスの先生方と北野天満宮へ。(マーケットも開かれ賑わっていました)

The teachers from Nanohouse and I visited Kitano Tenmangu today! Why are there torii gates in shrines? They separate this world from the God’s world.  なぜ鳥居があるのですか。神の国と我々の国を分けるためです。

There are many statues of ox on the premises because Sugawara no Michizane was born in an ox year. 菅原道真が丑年に生まれたので多くの牛の像があります。

It was very fun talking with you!!

8/30(Tue) お助け隊 梅田スカイビル! 集合場所:JR大阪駅 桜橋口出口 14時 是非!You will enjoy talking with foreign travelers!

Thank you!!


2016.8.28. Sunday.パターンプラクティス

パターンプラクティス 11-12 am 1 Student.

Key phrases
– This is the (形容詞最上級) (名詞) I’ve ever (動詞).
i.e. This is the best movie I’ve ever watched.

– It’s up to you. = Whichever is fine. = Either is fine. = Whatever.

– It suits you. = It looks good on you.


パターンプラクティス 0-1 pm 2 Students.

Key phrases
– How about ~? = What about ~?

・配置, 数量の表現
– bottom-left, top-right   *日本語とは逆
– above ↔ below
– vertical, horizontal, diagonal
– width, length, height

– How high is this table? = What is the height of this table?

2016.8.27 Sat. SSB トラベル英会話

13:00-  3people  14:00- 4eople  15:00-  4people
I am 感情の形容詞・・・ to + 動詞の原形 ~  「~して・・・(感情)です」
~に~と行ってね・・  と話すのもスマートなやり方、お試しあれ!
I am happy to start learning English. (英語を習い始めてうれしいです)
I am tired to do exercise everyday. (毎日運動するのは疲れた)
I am excited to meet new people. (新しい人と会うのはワクワクする)
I was impressed /moved to see Cicle du Soleil. (シルクドソレイユを見てむっちゃ感動した)

Fri, Aug.26, 発音マスター

発音マスター 13:00〜14:00 1名




b, c, d, f, t, v など基本の発音

cray•on, may•on•naise など、区切り、カタカナ表記に気をつけたい語