2016.12.29.Thursday 日本文化&BF

14-15 2people 15-16 3people 16-17 3peple

Thank you so much for coming in the cold today!!寒い中有難うございました!

We talked about New Year’s decorations such as a sacred straw rope and kagami mochi. A sacred straw rope is displayed to ward off evil spirits. After Kagamibiraki(Breaking the new year’s rice cake) we break the mochi into smaller pieces and put them in Ozoni.お正月の飾り、しめ縄、a sacred straw rope その意味、鏡餅などについて 飾られていますか!?

Are you going to prepare Osechi? Her mother makes great traditional Japanese New Year foods. I like herring roe! What does it describe? Herring roe describes __fertility__.  How about steamed black beans? They describe _working diligently___. Candied dried anchovies describe good harvest.  fertility 子宝 work diligently 豆に働く good harvest 豊作 おせちと品々、意味について話合いました!(先週の復習も含め) おせちのシーズンですね!おせちの意味、種類など話しました!

Have you finished cleaning up your room? If you find mold on the wall, you can try cleaning the wall with vinegar. 掃除は終わりましたか。もしカビが見つかったら酢で落とすと良いそうです。

I’m glad that she enjoyed Disney Sea and Disney Land! She saw such a breathtaking parade! 12月のディズニーランドやディズニーシー また可愛らしいでしょうね! 息をのむような素晴らしいパレードも☆彡

We talked about different types of phobias. fear of heights – acrophobia   fear of cockroaches – cockroach phobia  fear of water – aquaphobia 色々な恐怖症について>_<ゴキブリ恐怖症、高所恐怖症、

I enjoyed talking with you!今年も有難うございました!

I recommend you visit Himeji castle on the 1st day of January because of free admission! 姫路城元旦無料だそうです!是非! http://castle-himeji.com/2016/12/jan1-freeentry/

Karaoke Rainbow sounds great! You can enjoy sining at 500yen for 8 hours in the daytime during weekdays. カラオケレインボー平日日中8時間500円で歌える!生徒さんおすすめ:年末年始行きたいですね!

伊賀忍者村!忍者ショーがコミカルで面白いですよ! 28日(水)行って来ました!!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!


2016.12.22.Thursday 日本文化&BF

14-15 2people 15-16 2people 16-17 2people

Thank you so much for coming today! 有難うございました!

She’d already studied about Osechi dishes! Great!  おせちについて既に学習済み!素晴らしい。。

How do you explain Osechi to foreign travelers?  外国人観光客にどう説明しましょう!?

Osechi is Japanese _elaborate  cuisine eaten during the first three days of the New Year.__

elaborate 手の込んだ   単語力も豊富になられました!

What is your favorite Osechi ingredient?. I like herring roe! What does it describe? Herring roe describes fertility.  How about steamed black beans? They describe working diligently. Candied dried anchovies describe good harvest.  fertility 子宝 work diligently 豆に働く good harvest 豊作 おせちと品々、意味について話合いました!おせちのシーズンですね!おせちの意味、種類など話しました! 生徒さんお好きな筋子もsalmon roeなんですね。

I’m glad that he enjoyed the Christmas party! Do you have any plan to join a year-end party? Will you do year end cleaning? Are you excited about it? No?!   year end cleaning 年末の大掃除 掃除で使う英単語 I _①掃く__ the floor with a _②ほうき. Did you __③拭く__ the floor after you _④こぼした__ red wine?  My friend has told me that if you spill red wine, you can rub white wine over it. 友人が言っていました。赤ワインをこぼしたら白ワインでふき取るとシミが取れる!① sweep    ②   broom   ③   wipe   ④    spill

She told us about a regional event called Dondoyaki. It’s held after New Year’s Holiday. Thigs like New Year’s ornaments and the first caligraphy of the year are burned during the event. 書初めやお正月の飾り物などを燃やす”どんど焼き”についてお話下さって有難うございました!

I enjoyed talking with you!


2016.12.28 Wednesday: Free Talk‏‏

19:00-20:00, 5 students

20:00-21:00, 3 students

Did anything wear you out this week? The long meeting yesterday wore me out and the long commute to work is really wearing me down/out these days.

I wear out my running shoes about every two years. But last year I wore them out in 3 months!

We also talked about why we like or don`t like coffee; good coffee brands in Kyoto; matcha and 1,200 yen for a cup of  royal tea (or Royal Tea).

Happy 2017!

2016. 12. 27 (Tuesday )SSB, Pattern Practice


11:00-11:50 1 student

12:00-12:50 1 student




◆Before/After(順序  ~の前に/ ~の後に)

I’ll go out before/after lunch.(昼食の 前に/ 後で出掛けます)


◆During (行事や特定の時間につい

て ~の間) I fell asleep during the show.(ショーの間に寝てしまいました)


◆From (起源  ~から)

I watched the movie from the beginning.(その映画を始めからみました)


◆Since (継続 ~以来ずっと)

I’ve been working for this company since 2014.(この会社で2014年以来ずっと働いています)


◆until(継続 ~までずっと)

Please wait until 1 o’clock.(1時まで待っていてください)


◆for (時間の単位とセットで  〜の間)

I waited for him for 30 minutes.(私は彼を30分間待ちました)






13:00-13:50  1 student




◆It is hard for me to 〜(〜するのは大変です)



2016/12/27 Tue: FT

FT1: 19:30-20:20, 2 students
FT2: 20:30-21:20, 2 students


Today we have heard from a student who spent about 2 months in Europe. He travelled to Germany and Spain for business purposes. Most of his time he spent in Madrid. He talked about places he visited: Hanging Houses of Cuenca and Aqueduct of Segovia (pay attention to spelling and pronunciation: ADEQUATE and AQUEDUCT); food he ate: sopa Castellana, etc.

Then, we talked about the biggest events of 2016, nationwide and internationally.  One of the students mentioned a tax reform for fiscal 2017 in Japan, namely a spousal tax break. She gave us details and explained why she think it is `ridiculous` and unjust. The discussion about how something can be just or unjust from different perspectives sprang from her statement as a result.

2016.12.26 Monday : 入門トラベル英会話、SB

1:00pm ~ 1:50pm 1 student


2:00pm ~ 2:50pm 1 student
3:00pm ~ 3:50pm 1 student

7:00pm ~ 7:50pm 5 students
8:00pm ~ 8:50pm 7 students


-> This is the best present I’ve ever got!

-> Which is the most beautiful country you’ve ever visited?

Thank you for coming to my last lesson in 2016!
See you all in 2017! 🙂

2016.12.26 Mon: パターンプラクティス、入門トラベル英会話

20:00~20:50 1 student


Hello, this is ~    もしもし?~だけど

What’s up? ~どうしたの?

I’m just wondering if~ ~はどうかなとおもって……


Friday, Dec. 23rd, F1 + Presentation

19:00 ~ 19:50   4 students

20:00 ~ 20:50   1 student

On Friday we talked about the new year changes we want to make. One student started a topic about a change to be more open to comments and feedbacks. This led to an interesting discussion about giving feedback in general and different ways to make positive as well as negative feedback.

For the presentation class, one student delivered a speech about the generation gap. Her presentation was very interesting in a sense that she explained about various generations at her workplace and how they are different from each other and how she feels the generation gap at her workplace. She attributed the different attitudes of the people at her workplace to the different situations and periods that they grew up. She compared them with each other and made a nice classification. It was an enjoyable session.

I would like to send my best wishes to all the students and members in VELCO. I have had a great year with all of you and I am looking forward to spending another year at VELCO.

For our next session after the new year, please choose from the following topics:

  • Explain about different behaviors: What behaviors make you feel good /angry, etc.
  • What is your favorite holiday memory? Tell us about it.


2o16.12.23.Friday BF&日本文化

18:30-19:30 1person 19:30-20:30 3people 20:30-21:30 3people

Thank you so much for coming in the cold! 寒い所有難うございます!

What a creative Bingo game it was! She made a unique bingo game for the party. 生徒さんの手作りユニークで素敵なビンゴゲーム ♪ I hope she will enjoy her company’s year-end party!

He traveled to 9 or 10 different countries this past 2 years. He was especially impressed by  the dynamic nature of America. 2年間で9~10か国は凄いですね!特にアメリカのダイナミックな自然には感銘を受けられたそうです。I hope he will enjoy his trip to NY!!

What is your favorite Osechi ingredient? His favorite one is sweet paste of chestnuts and sweet potatoes. I like herring roe, too! What does it describe? Herring roe describes fertility.  How about steamed black beans? They describe working diligently. Candied dried anchovies describe good harvest.  fertility 子宝 work diligently 豆に働く good harvest 豊作 おせちと品々、意味について話合いました!おせちのシーズンですね!おせちの意味、種類など話しました!

Her recommended shrine for during the New Year’s holiday is Imamiya Shrine. Thank you for your information! I’ve tried grilled rice cake before. It is really delicious and shiromiso sauce is also wonderful!生徒さんお勧め下さった神社、 今宮神社いいですね。 あぶり餅とその白みそたれが😋ですよね!

梅田スカイビルでドイツクリスマスマーケットが本日25日(日)まで開催されていました!Did you have a chance to enjoy German Christmas Market held at Umeda Sky Building? We met a lot of foreign travelers last Tuesday!  http://www.skybldg.co.jp/ 火曜日はお助け隊で沢山の観光客と出会えました!

Thank you so much for your participation! You worked so hard!! 有難うございました!よく頑張って下さいました!