Saturday F3 Class, December 1st, 2018

16:30-17:30 – 2 students

17:30-18:30 – 2 students

Hello everyone!

After some catching up and talking about our current week we moved our discussion into something that has become controversial and something that I think we will only here more of as we head into the future! Genetic modification of people! It is a bit scary to think about, but also a pretty interesting discussion topic. We talked also about GMO foods, and how far they have come. We talked about buzz words in the food industry and what is becoming popular in Japan and overseas.

For our next class we talked about flying and what you do to prepare your ‘flight kit’or things that you always bring and have ready when you go on a flight. I always bring my neck pillow and a good pair of headphones. I sometimes bring my video games if it is a long flight. One of my friends always brings a night mask and some medicine that helps him sleep so that he can sleep on the entire flight!

That’s all for today!



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