2018.07.22 Sunday FT

14:00-15:00 | 3 students

15:00-16:00 | 2 students

Thank you for joining today’s Shijo FT class. I really enjoyed chatting with you all today about our topics. I was able to understand a bit more about how job interviews reflect Japanese cultural values and also how parenting may be changing in the near future. Thank you for coming out in the heat, I hope you can all stay cool!



2018.07.15 Sunday FT

14:00-15:00 | 3 students

15:00-16:00 | 3 students

Thank you all for joining today’s Shijo FT class. It was great to meet Yoko today! I’m impressed you all came out for today’s lesson even though it is so hot. That is certainly some dedication! I enjoyed hearing your opinions about today’s topics, especially Yoko’s insights about education and its potential influences on poverty in Japan. As we learned today, that relates to the famous saying “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Hope you all stay cool out there!

2018.07.12 Thursday FT

19:30-20:30 | 5 students

20:30-21:30 | 3 students

Thank you everyone for attending the Thursday Shijo FT class, and a special thank you for allowing me to change our class schedule at the last minute! It was great to see you all and to chat together. I enjoyed hearing about your fun experiences traveling and the other stories you shared. I also loved hearing about the musicals Atsuko mentioned she likes, not only because I also love musicals, but also because I like the Phantom of the Opera. She’s so lucky to have gotten to see the New York Broadway performance. It must have been quite a show! I hope you all enjoyed and were able to learn a little bit more, such as the difference between “boring” and “bored”. If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to bring them to class and ask so we can discuss together. Enjoy the weekend!

2018.07.05 Thursday FT

19:00-20:00 | 1 student

20:00-21:00 | 1 student

Wow, who would have expected we would have this much rain! Thank you to Miki for coming out in the extreme weather to join the class, it was very fun and enjoyable! We had a great talk about “If I could, I would…” and “If I can, I will…”. Basically, both sentences are talking about a condition, “if”, but the first sentence is a hypothetical situation or something that has happened in the past, while the second sentence is expressing the condition of having an ability in the present. Hope that helps! If anyone has anymore questions about this, feel free to ask at the next class. Take care!

2018.06.21 Thursday FT

19:00-20:00 | 5 students

20:00-21:00 | 5 students

Hi everyone, thanks for coming to tonight’s Shijo FT class. Tonight’s topics were “customer service” and “sleep”. I forgot to mention that for insomnia, it may be helpful to listen to some soothing music or beach wave sounds. I personally love this video (I attached the link below), which plays beach wave sounds all night long. Very soothing! Hope you all have a pleasant rest of your week and be safe.

2018.06.17 Sunday FT

14:00-15:00 | 3 students

15:00-16:00 | 5 students

Thank you for coming to today’s Shijo FT lesson! Today’s topics were “chores” and “supernatural”. Hiroki had a great question about “sulking”. Sulking means to be silent, morose, and bad-tempered out of annoyance or disappointment. This is different from “throwing a temper tantrum” which is related to what children do when they don’t get what they want and they cry and throw themselves on the ground. A funny example, but just wanted to clarify. Take care!