Friday, Sep. 30th: F1 + Presentation

19:00 ~ 19:50 3 students
20:00 ~ 20:50 2 students

For the free talking session, the students described how they have spent their week. One of the students who had been in Thailand told us about the stories of his trip. We then briefly discussed the problems we may face in a foreign country.

For the presentation class, both students prepared very nice presentations. We discussed about the usage of food additives in Japan and ​their influence on our body. We also discussed the other topic on being a good conversationalist. Different traits had been mentioned, and we discussed, which makes us good listeners and speakers.

I would like you to focus on the following 2 topics for the next session (previous​ topics can still be chosen, if you are interested):

1. What do you need to find and develop within yourself to be successful? and/or what are common characteristics​ of successful people.

2. How do you change annoying habits?

Thursday, Sep. 29th: Travel English + BF1

19:00 ~ 19:50 3 students
20:00 ~ 20:50 6 students

We talked about traveling this session. One of the students told us stories about his trip to Hongkong​, another student described her plan of an upcoming trip to Germany.
We also enjoyed watching photos of Hongkong with virtual reality glasses. None of us had tried them before, and we all found it surprisingly interesting.

For the free discussion part, the students talked about planning sth on a low budget, this could be a party, a trip or start a business. Different suggestions were given on each plan.

2016.9.29.Thursday 日本文化&BF

14-15 3people 15-16 4people 16-17 5people

Thank you so much for coming today!! 本日はご参加頂き大変有難うございました!体験にお越し頂いた方も有難うございます!

We had special guests from Melbourne, Australia! Welcome to Velco!!本日はメルボルンよりゲストにお越し下さいました。

Before them visiting us, the Australian family and I went to Nishiki Market. We visited Snoopy Cafe which opened recently. They enjoyed trying Daifuku there. They were very adventurous and did not hesitate to try different kinds of food! 錦市場に立ち寄りました。最近開いたスヌーピーカフェの大福に興味深々で挑戦されていました。色々な食べ物に興味をもたれ、イカ焼き、チョコレートコロッケ、豆乳🍩、餅、練り物、ジュース、抹茶蕨もち、寿司(オーストラリアではショウガと食べないので新しい食べ方発見に喜び!!)

They were impressed how everything was organized, tidy, and neat in Japan. 全てがオーガナイズされ、きちんとしている。。感動されていました!

They looked surprised to know horse meat is pretty popular in Japan. 馬刺しに驚き!

They’ve been travelling Japan for three weeks! Wow! The couple were given 4 weeks’ paid holiday! ご夫婦は年に4週間休暇が与えられるそうです!!

What did you enjoy the most? We asked one of the children. He enjoyed the bike ride in Kyoto! 京都で楽しかった事は お子様はレンタルバイクで観光したことが一番良かったと話されていました。

She likes art classes. What are art classes like in schools in Australia? painting, drawing, and etc.オーストラリアの美術の時間はどんなのですか。

The family was very impressed with Velco’s stuents’ English. ベルコの生徒さんの英語力とても褒めて下さいました☆彡

After Kyoto, they are going to visit Mt. Koya and stay at one of the monasteries. Then they are going to Nomishima or Ninoshima near Hiroshima. 京都の後、高野山、そしてお寺に泊まるそうです。広島に近い似島?絵島?に行かれるそうです。とても満期されていました!We enjoyed talking with them, didn’t we?

10月外国人観光客お助け隊 大募集中! 楽しいですよ!

1010(月・祝)京都 伏見稲荷予定




Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!

京都:午前10時 京都タワー1F入り口前 集合  

大阪:午後2時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口 集合!  

お申し込みはTonomuraもしくは まで!

お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~ 金曜20:30~も開講しています!初心者の方も大歓迎!!!

Thank you!


2016/9/26 Monday SB

19:00~19:50 1 student

20:00~20:50 3 students (1 trial )

It was my first lesson in Shijo!

I was kind of nervous. Lol




So thank you for coming!

Ill see you soon!



2016.9.27 Tuesday: TOEIC800&パターンプラクティス

18:30~19:30 1 student
19:30~20:30 1 student




Great work!!



20:30~21:30 3 students

その中でも、You made my day!など、新しい発見もありましたね♪


What brought you to Japan?
How long are you staying/traveling for?
How long have you been in Kyoto?



2016/09/28 Wed: FT

FT1: 19:00-19:50, 2 students
FT2: 20:00-20:50, 2 students


How do advertisements influence your visいon about others in the context of male-female relations? How does this translate into your reality? How often do you find yourself thinking or saying to your mate ” nice piece of meat”? What other terms are used to describe a man or a women by a man and women? What are the features of 肉食系男子/男子? Why 肉食? Why do we fail to notice the wrongness  of this kind of language? Is it discriminative?


2016. 9. 27(Tuesday )SSB, Pattern Practice


11:00-11:50 2 students

12:00-12:50  2 students




Q .  A fungus with a round flat head and short stem. Many of these can be eaten.




A.  Mushroom   ( きのこ )







always take shower in the morning .(私はいつも朝にシャワーを浴びます)



usually drink 3 cups of coffee a day.(私はたいてい1日にコーヒーをコップ3杯飲みます)



often see my relatives.(私はよく親戚に会います)



sometimes study English .(私は時々英語を勉強します)



occasionally  do sports . (私はたまにスポーツをします)



seldom go to barbecue restaurant .(私は焼肉屋さんには滅多に行きません)



never eat cucumbers .(私は決してきゅうりを食べません)





I clean my room every other day.(私は1日おきに部屋を掃除します)


I go to the supermarket  three times a week.(私はそのスーパーに週三回行きます)


I visit my grandparents’ house once a month.(私は祖父母の家を月に一度訪ねます)









13:00-13:50  2 students




◆ I was about to 〜(〜するところだった)


◆ I have been 〜ing(ずっと〜しています)







2016/09/27 Tue: FT

FT: 19:30-20:20, 1 student
FT: 20:30-21:20, 1 student


Let`s consider “the trolley problem” and its derivative. Look at the picture below.trolleydilemma

“On your morning walk, you see a trolley car hurtling down the track, the conductor slumped over the controls. In the path of the trolley are five men working on the track, oblivious to the danger. You are standing at a fork in the track and can pull a lever that will divert the trolley onto a spur, saving the five men. Unfortunately, the trolley would then run over a single worker who is laboring on the spur. Is it permissible to throw the switch, killing one man to save five? Almost everyone says ‘yes’. Consider now a different scene. You are on a bridge overlooking the tracks and have spotted the runaway trolley bearing down on the five workers. Now the only way to stop the trolley is to throw a heavy object in its path. And the only heavy object within reach is a fat man standing next to you. Should you throw the man off the bridge? Both dilemmas present you with the option of sacrificing one life to save five, and so, by the utilitarian standard of what would result in the greatest good for the greatest number, the two dilemmas are morally equivalent. But most people don’t see it that way: though they would pull the switch in the first dilemma, they would not heave the fat man in the second. When pressed for a reason, they can’t come up with anything coherent, though moral philosophers haven’t had an easy time coming up with a relevant difference, either.”
(SourceThe New York Times, “The Moral Instinct”, by Steven Pinker)

2016.9.23.Friday BF&日本文化

18:30-19:30 4people 19:30-20:30 6people 20:30-21:30 5people

Thank you for coming tonight!有難うございます!

Welcome back from your trip! Thank you so much for telling us about your trip to England and the Netherlands? 旅行話有難うございました!色々な事がありましたね。

海外旅行された方に色々英語で聞いてみましょう!Where did you go? どこに行きましたか? How long did you stay? どの位滞在されましたか?What is it like? それどんな感じ?Did you eat__ ?   What’s the best food you have ever eaten? 今まで食べた物の中で何が一番でしたか。

What is Cambridge like? ケンブリッジはどんなところですか!It must be very beautiful! It was very nice meeting you!! 美しい所の様ですね。。

Did you visit The London Eye which is a big Ferris Wheel? ロンドンアイに行きましたか。Did you watch Changing of the Guards?  衛兵交代を見ましたか。

What was the highlight of your trip? 旅行のハイライトは!? When he visited British Museum, he saw a lot of Japanese exhibits such as Arita potteries, swords, and Japanese armours. 大英博物館 日本の有田焼、刀、鎧などを鑑賞 無料で入れる博物館!He talked with many local people! That’s great!

I had my phone repaired. have +目的語+過去分詞   電話を修理してもらった

I had my phone stolen on the bus. バスの中で電話を撮られた😢

I got pickpocketed!!  Watch out for pickpockets!  pickpocket= スリ

a fruitful trip 実りある旅行 had an extraordinally experience 非日常的経験

We talked about food waste. What can we do to reduce wasted food? Food bank has been doing such a wonderful job collects and distribute foods to hunger relief charities. 食品廃棄日本は多いですね。フードバンク素晴らしいアイデアです。

on the job   Did you speak English on the jobe?  on the job 仕事で

Thank you for joining Otasuketai as well!

お助け隊ご参加有難うございました!積極的に旅行者とお話下さいました! ノルウエイからの御夫婦に出会いました!築地で食べた物、これ何!?写真を見せて下さいました。ウニですね。。ノルウエイではウニは珍しいそうで日本で食べてみて如何でしたか。まあまあかな・・という感想でした。

We met a couple from Norway. They showed us a photo of sea urchin they’d eaten in Tsukiji. It is not common to eat sea urchin in Norway. How was the taste? It was ok.


1010(月・祝)京都 伏見稲荷予定



Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!

京都:午前10時 京都タワー1F入り口前 集合  

大阪:午後2時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口 集合!  

お申し込みはTonomuraもしくは まで!

お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~ 金曜20:30~も開講しています!初心者の方も大歓迎!!!

Thank you!



2016.09.26. Monday.ゼロからクラス.入門トラベル英会話.パターンプラクティス

ゼロからクラス 6-7 pm 2 Students.



トラベル英会話 7-8 pm 1 Student.

Key phrases
– Here you are.
– How long are you staying in ~?
cf) How long have you been staying in ~?
cf) How long have you stayed in ~?
– How do I get to ~?
– Where can I ~?


パターンプラクティス 8-9 pm 3 Students.

Key phrases
– How do you like ~?
– come up with an idea
– come into shape
– surrounded by~
– Actually,~ ≒ To be honest,~
– When I was a child,~
– I don’t feel like ~
– I feel like ~ = I’m in the mood for ~