2019.4.4.Thursday 日本文化&F1


This is the photo from Otasuketai held at Osaka Castel Park on April 2nd! We met a lot of foreign travelers! We met a couple from Australia. He takes Japanese lessons in the city where he lives. He tried to practice Japanese while travelling in Japan!

外国人観光客お助け隊 -- 4月2日(火)大阪城で沢山の旅行者に出会いました!!オースストラリアで日本語勉強しています!という旅行者。旅行中に日本語を練習!とてもお上手でしたよ!4月6日(土)12:00 京都タワー1F 入り口前集合!&4月29日(月・祝)10:00 京都タワー1F 入り口集合! 桜スポットに出かけて出会う外国人旅行者とお話します!楽しいですよ。是非ご参加下さいませ!

Thank you for coming today!

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Thank you so much for telling us your favorite cherry blossom viewing spots!

生徒さんお勧め🌸スポット 参考になります!有難うございます!

➀ Sewaritei in Yawata       You walk about 10 minutes from Keihan Yawata station

There were about 17 bridal couples enjoying taking their photos under cherry blossom trees! You will enjoy breathtaking row of cheery trees that extend 14 kirometers!

背割提 京阪八幡駅から徒歩10分ほど   14キロに及ぶ桜並木がとてもハッとさせる程美しいそうです! 


②木屋町 Kiyamachi

I agree with her! I always like to see cherry blossom around Kiyamachi area. When you go there around evening, those trees are lit up beautifully.

木屋町も美しいですね。特にライトアップに時間帯 ☆☆

Thank you for sharing your photo of Japanese Uyuni Enko! 日本のウユニ塩湖のお写真も有難うございました!こんな近くでウユニを体験できるのは素晴らしいですね!!

It is called Chichibugahama in Kagawa prefecture.  You can enjoy fantastic scenery and you can take good pictures there. The picture has people reflected in the water was great!  reflected in the water 水面に映る

I enjoyed talking with you!

Have a good weekend and enjoy cherry blossom viewing!