2018.7.29 Sunday: 発音マスター & Listening

発音マスター: 2:00pm ~ 2:50pm 0 students

Listening: 3:00pm ~ 3:50pm 0 students


2018.6.24 Sunday: 発音マスター & Listening

発音マスター: 2:00pm ~ 2:50pm 1 student


the difference between /ʃ/ (sh) and /tʃ/ (ch)
the difference between /ʃ/ (sh) and /ʒ/ (sion, tion, sua, sure)

Listening: 3:00pm ~ 3:50pm 1 student


Phrases that we focused on:
pay you with~
What good is that?
It’s a deal.
I won’t / I want
The owner said, “___.” vs “___,” said the owner.

Thank you for coming!

2018.5.5 Saturday: リアルな日常生活英語,、発音マスター、Free-Talk

I’m back so soon! And it’s Children’s day~~ こどもの日だよ。かぶと の画像 Did you put up the Koinobori? 🎏🎏🎏
(ちなにみこいのぼり is in English Fish flag or carp streamerらしいですよ~) 😂😂

14:00~15:00 2 Students

We did about numbers today! 📆🔢 色々な数字を言ってみながら、…teen & ….ty を気をつけながら練習うしました!13, 30 / 14, 40/ 15, 50/ 60, 16/ 70, 17/ 18, 80/ 19, 90

Vocabulary Practice は Convert を使って色んな currency にかえてみました~

1. Eg. I’d like to convert yen to dollars.
-I’d like to convert ___ to ___.

2. Eg. I’d like to convert 10,000 yen to dollars.
-I’d like to convert (numbers)  ___ to ___.
-I’d like to convert 100 dollars to real.
-I’d like to convert 1 billion yen to dollars.

Conversation Practice もやりました!Staff and customerシナリオで練習しました~

C: I’d like/Can I have the pancakes with a cup of coffee.
S: OK/Sure/Of course that will be 20 dollars.

15:00 ~ 16:00 1 Student

One on one~~ Got to practice more! ^0^/
We did: F and V
Fは、上前歯を、下唇の上に乗せてみて! 息をフーッとお腹から出す。これが英語のFの音です。色んな言葉を練習しました:

  • feel      *fan
  • fall      *ferry
  • fairy      *sniff (かぐ)
  • beef       *frog
  • french fries  *firefighter (2回!)

Tongue twister に挑戦!
–Fiona swims fast like a fish.
-Every Friday Freddy fries french fries in the frier.

Fred _____ (verb) ______ (noun) for five days.

Eg. Fred finds his mini-fan for five days.


  • van  *vest
  • very   *seven
  • view   *five
  • vote    *volcano
  • above  *leave

Tongue twister に挑戦!

-Kevin plays the violin on Valentine’s day.
-Very talented vet visited several wolves.

Victor _____ (verb) a ______ (noun) at a/the________(place).
Eg. Victor ate vegetables at a vegetarian restaurant.

Free- Talk
16:30 ~ 17:30 3 Students
17:30 ~ 18:30 2 Students

We started our free talk, talking about technology, machines and how it has effected us. We’ve came to this topic since one of the student is training himself to fly a drone! Wow!
We had some time talking about Rumba (the automatic floor cleaner) as well! Would you get one for about 50,000 yen? I know I wouldn’t, it’ll scary me!

Second hour we talked about different airlines and which is the best to take to where. We got to talk about all our experiences riding different airlines.

Holidays are over but everyone seemed motivated to get back to work so all the best!☆☆


Thank you for having me! (^ε^)-☆