Thursday F-Class, September 6th, 2018

19:00-20:00 – 3 students

20:00-21:00 – 2 students

Hello everyone!

Coming back at ya from Shijo School.

Today for our first conversation we recapped the typhoon and recent natural disasters in Japan. I hope everyone is okay! I know there are still some people that can’t come back to Kyoto because Kansai Airport is still closed!

For the second class we had a really length discussion about the differences between the Japanese ambulance system and the American ambulance system. How they are used, what are the operators trained in, and how the public views the emergency services.

We had some really great conversation this week even though our topics were pretty short!

Thanks! See you next week!


Thursday F-Class, July 26th, 2018

19:00-20:00 – 4 students
20:00-21:00 – 3 students

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to continue my conversation from the Otsu school a little bit to hear more opinions about it!

So for the first class we talked about Globalization! Is it good? Is it bad? Who wins and who loses. With the recent trade deal between the European Union and Japan it looks like Japan is taking steps to become a more globalized country, but what does that mean for local industry?

We then went on to talk about purchasing decisions. When do you prefer quality over price? What products? How much of a price difference is too much to justify buying the more expensive product? We talked about all this and more in today’s class!

We also had a pretty lengthy discussion about all the uses of Hang. Hang on, Hang on a minute, Do you want to hang out?, can you hang the clothes up?, Can we hang around here?, Hang up the phone, and many more!

That’s all for now!
Until next time,

Thursday, F- Class – July 19th, 2018

19:00-20:00 – 5 students

20:00-21:00 – 4 students

Hello from Shijo!

I will be covering this Thursday class, and next Thursday’s class!

For our first class today we discussed where people draw the line between what animals you can eat and what you can’t eat. Before coming to Japan I would have never imagined eating horse, and yet it’s not that strange to eat it. It tastes a lot like dear meat did back in the US. Deer meat isn’t that prominent in Japan, probably because hunting isn’t as popular! We also talked about other differences between American and Japanese food traditions. Did you know that tennpanyaki in America is called Hibachi? It makes no sense, but it is the common American image of Japanese food, after sushi.

In our second class we talked about friends! Who are your oldest friends and how did you meet them? Is there a funny story behind how you met any of your friends? We also talked about coincidences and almost paranormal meetings of people that we know in random places around the world! It can be exciting and scary at the same time if you meet someone you know in a different country!

That’s all for today!



Thursday, April 5th, 2018 – F-Class

19:00-20:00 – 3 students

20:00-21:00 – 5 students

Happy April!

Hope everyone is enjoying their April weather and hanami!

Today we had a lively class discussion! We started talking about if university sports players should be paid a wage for their participation based on the amount of time that they put into the sport and the reputation that they bring the school. Some people say that the when the university’s tuition is covered that should be payment enough and I have to agree. These students also sometimes focus on the sport only and let their studies fall behind.

This discussion then led into a discussion between the education systems in Japan and the United States. I believe that the shift needs to be changed from educating to simply pass a test to a more wholesome world-wide view approach to education. At this point most students just pass the test and then forget everything they learned! It is a pretty inefficient system, but I will agree that is also inefficient to force students to take classes that have no interest in which would led to reinforcing this behavior.

Anyway lots of great discussion today and I can’t wait to see you again Shijo School!


Thursday F -Class, March 22nd, 2018

19:00-20:00 – 4 students

20:00-21:00 – 3 students

What makes a sport, a sport?

That was our main topic of discussion today. We covered many discussions on how we categorize sports. Our sports mainly focused on skill? Strategy? Competitiveness? We came to the agreement that while Chess is competitive we don’t think it should be considered a sport. What about something like Curling? Or Darts? Surely there is a high level of skill involved but there seems to be no physical ability involved. We were’t able to come up with an agreed solution just yet, but it definitely led to some interesting discussion!

We also discussed the very competitive basketball season going on with the march madness college basketball tournament in the US. Why is it so popular and the similarities it carries with the High School Baseball competitions here in Japan!

That’s all for today! Stay Dry!


Wednesday, March 21st – F – Class

19:00-20:00 – 0 students

20:00-21:00- 1 student

Happy First day of Spring everyone!

Let’s hope the weather clears up soon!

For my class today we talked about the many types of museums in Kyoto. Which ones are fun to go and which ones are our favorites. We also talked about the zoo and aquarium in Kyoto. I really like the Aquarium and I have a season pass! Did you know it only costs 2400? That means that after going twice it pays for itself!

We also moved the discussion to onsens and where are some great places to visit onsens! I am going Hakone next week so hopefully I can see some great Sakura while relaxing in the onsen! I can’t wait!

Because I only had one class today the blog is a little short!

That’s all for today!


Wednesday, March 14th – F-Class

19:00-20:00 – 1 student

20:00-21:00 – 1 student

Hello from Shijo!

Today we only had one student for the night class but we still had some great discussion. We talked about what makes movies really stand out to us. The small attention to detail here in there that can be seen throughout movies is very important to me! For example, in the recent movie Baby Driver music is very important. In one scene the protagonist removes the right headphone from his ear and at the moment the music stops playing on the right side of the movie theater. Very very small detail but was really fascinating to me and if you aren’t paying attention you might miss it.

Our second discussion focused around motorcycles! The different sizes in japan and the regulations surrounding them! I won’t bore you with all the specific details that we got into but we talked about our first motorcycles and what makes the motorcycle life different. I really want to take my motorcycle lesson test here in Japan, I just have to find the time to do it!

That’s all for today!


Thursday, February 15th, 2018 – F- Class

19:00-20:00 – 7 Students

20:00-21:00 – 3 Students

Hello From Shijo!

This is my first class at Shijo school and I have to say that I really enjoyed it!

Our first conversation centered around popular things that annoyed you and things that got popular that have become annoying to use. A popular answer among the students involved the Kyoto public transportation systems. Especially the bus! It seems the bus has gotten really popular for tourists to use when getting around Kyoto. A little too crowded. Did you know that the Day pass for the pass will increase by 100 yen soon? Keep an eye out for it!

The next topic we discussed was around movies and motorcycles! We talked about our favorite recent movies and the main stories behind them. Some of the phrases we learned were things like the lesser of two evils! When you have to choose between to bad things you usually go with the lesser of two evils. Meaning the thing that is not as bad as the other.

Very interesting discussion today, and until next time Shijo school!