Thursday F- Class August 30th, 2018

19:00-20:00 – 2 students

20:00-21:00 – 3 students

Hello Everyone it’s William!

For this week and next week I will be teaching the Thursday night free talk!

For our classes today our topic was about movies! We started the conversation about the recent movie Don’t stop the camera. It’s a japanese movie that is known for being low budget and with unknown actors, but despite this fact it has seen great success in Japanese theaters.

Our conversation then moved on to Movie critics and criticizing movies. We talked about the cinematography of movies and how movies are an art form. They can be used as ‘popcorn movies’ where they are created to be enjoyed, think superhero movies and action films. And then there are thought provoking movies that make you ask questions of the story as you try to understand the plot.

We also had smaller conversations about godzilla, censorship in the Japan vs the US, and even the differences in movie ticket prices.

That’s all for tonight,



Saturday, August 25th

Fri SSB (2) SSB (N)   Sat SSB (2) SSB (N)


We’ve had amazing lessons. Thank you so much for showing your motivation. Like I said, practice and mistakes make perfect and I’m faith in you!

I have a news to tell you, which is about a change in my lesson schedule. From next month, I will only teach on Fridays ; 19:30 and 20:30 class (both are SSB class). So I hope to see all of you an Friday nights. Don’t go for a drink but come to my lessons and learn English together hahaha

It means, it was my last day teaching on Saturday. I’ve had lots of lots of memories that I won’t forget. All were just amazing. I always feel that I’m blessed to have such an amazing students 🙂

Today we learned about adverbs. Here is my question, how often do you use adverbs? More or less, they are important essence to enhance your English ability. Adverbs (副詞) are for explaning verbs (動詞) more in detail. For example,

1. She walks.  2.She walks happily.

Which sentence brings you more imagination? The answer is clear, 2. does.

In other words, adverbs are for saying “how the incidents happened”

She walked quickly? She walked slowly? She suddenly started walking? She walked surprisingly fast?

Don’t you feel adverbs are important?????(・∀・) I think they are!!!

Here are some adverbs you may use.


Enjoy using adverbs and make your communication more fantastic!!

I hope you guys have wonderful weekends and see you soon!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful smile and your  passion during my lessons. I appreciate it so much.

Bye for now!





14-15 1person 15-16 0person 16-17 0person

Thank you so much for coming today! ☀

Are you going to watch the Gozan no Okuribi on the 16th? It is called the five giant bonfires in English.

That sounds great to watch bonfires from the rooftop! What letters can you watch. She can watch Daimonji, Fune, Torii gate, Myo & Hou from the rooftop.

大文字、船、鳥居、妙、法 が屋上から見られていいですね。The

There were a lof of people waiting in a line!
思っていたより良かった! It was better than I expected.
It was as good as I thought. 思っていたのと同じくらい良い
It’s been hot lately! Some people try to cool off by watching horror movies. Would you like to experience Kyoto Tower’s Japanese style haunted house? この暑さ、涼みに京都タワー 日本的お化け屋敷 ��如何ですか。
We talked about differences between scary, afraid and frightened.
scary / afraid / frightened の違い��
She is afraid of gohosts. 幽霊を恐れている     She is afraid of dogs. ��を恐れている
She was frightened by a scary movie! She could not sleep! ぞっとした!
When I heard the sound of thunder, I got scared. 雷の音聞いて怖かった(驚かされて怖い)

8月 外国人観光客お助け隊


810日(金)京都 五条坂 陶器市

820日(月)京都 トワイライト 暑い夏、、涼しい夕方に外国人観光客の方々とお話しましょう! 

828日(火)大阪 梅田スカイビル

810日(金)300軒も店が連なる 五条坂 陶器市 

820日(月)夕方お助け!京都タワー1F 1800 集合  

Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!

8月10日:午前10時 京都タワー1F入り口前集合  

大阪:午後2時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口 集合!  


お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~ 金曜20:30~          

大津校 土曜 18:00 ~ もございます!

2018.07.28 Saturday: FT

16:30-17:30 | 2 students

17:30-18:30 | 1 student



Hey hey! Apologies for not being able to teach on Wednesday at Shijo. I had recently injured my arm and hand and had to visit the hospital. The whole experience sucked, but at least I got to show off my bandages to today’s class! I asked them to guess how I got injured, just by looking at my arm and hand. Nobody guessed ‘drone’ which I have to shamefully confess is what injured me.

Anyway, it was my first time meeting one of the students, so we spent some time getting to know more about her. We talked all about her interests and hobbies, and her English learning journey so far. She mentioned that when she went to study English abroad in America, her host family didn’t speak any English at home! Apparently, it’s quite a common occurrence (something that happens frequently), as I’ve heard other stories of Japanese students facing the same problem with their host families in English-speaking countries. 😦

Other than that, I had a great time talking with the students, even though I was kind of distracted by my arm and hand throughout the class (hehe sorry).

Thank you so much for coming to class!

Friday, July 27th

Fri SSB (2) SSB (3)


Typhoon は今夜遅くから日本列島を縦断?横断?するのでしょうか!皆さん、備えましょう!私も、実家の母に電話しました、山の近くなので…

“Hope for the best,but prepare for the worst .”



conjunction (接続詞)のイメージはまさにこんな感じで、貨車と貨車を繋いでいく役割だったり、レールとレールを繋いで文を長くしたり、文の中で反復する部分を省略して、文をスマートに、簡潔にすることがでします。

Micky likes dancing. Micky likes singing. Micky likes swimming with Poo in the summer. Micky also likes drinking with Poo in the summer.

MickyとPooの小話(ノンフィクション)です笑なんだか長ったらしいですね〜この文をand, but, orを使いますと…

Micky likes dancing and singing, but he likes swimming or drinking with Poo in the summer.


レッスンでお話しましたが、新しい品詞を習う時に、その品詞は何のために使うのか、という部分をしーーーーーっかり理解しておくと、その品詞を学ぶ上で効率が良くなったり、重要性を感じながら学ぶことができます( ^∀^)

簡潔に、スマートに、スムーズに、より多くの情報をコンパクトに、conjunctionにはそんな役割がありますね^^なんと、このことは生徒の皆さん自身で気付けたことなんですよ〜拍手( ^∀^)





ほな、see you soon〜(^∇^)

2018.07.21 Saturday: FT

14:00-15:00 | 4 students

15:00-16:00 | 3 students



G’day~ Today’s class was held at an earlier timing as there was a VELCO teacher’s gathering later that afternoon. One student shared her plans for later that day, which coincidentally involved a company party as well! We then talked about a variety of topics, one of which being about our jobs and how we feel about them.

Notable words discussed: Maiden (young unmarried girl), necessity/necessities (things you need), grunt (imagine someone lifting something heavy and making an ‘urh!’ sound), the difference between dilute and dilate.

Thank you so much for coming! 🙂

Saturday, July 21st

Fri.   SSB (1) SSB (3)

Sat.  SSB (0) SSB (1) PP (5)

Hello~( ^∀^)

SSB Setting goals for summer 2018

PP Review sugoroku (off lesson day)

今日はさすがに皆さん家からでれへんかなぁー、とvelcoの窓から外を見てたそがれていましたが、皆さんきてくださいました涙 本当に暑い中、ありがとうございます。




SSBのレッスンでは、2018年、10月末までに叶えたい英語の目標をみなさんで考えました( ^∀^)入り口に飾ってありますので、是非見てみてください〜 私も書きたい!というかたは遠慮なく言ってくださいね。





I will always be there for you.


はな、今日も踊ってきます〜 See you soon!!