2018, July, 2nd Travel & PP

Travel PM 7:00~7:50(1student)

Can I have ~

May I ~

I’d like to have ~

Where is ~


PP PM 8:00 ~ 8:50 (1 student)

Messed up! めちゃめちゃだ!

best ~ ever 今までで一番~だ

worn out つかれた。。

What are you up to? 何するつもり?


2018,June,10th: Travel & PPC

Travel English PM 7:00~7:50 (2 students)

Where can I catch ~

How often does the ~ go

Is this the right bus to go ~

What the fare to ~


PPC PM 8:00~8:50 (1 student)

Just between us ここだけの秘密

Up in the air 不確実さ!

Twist someone’s arm 誰かを説得して~させる

lose your touch 腕がなまる

Rule of thumb 暗黙のルール

2018.June.4th Travel&PPC

Travel English PM 7:00~7:50 (3 students)


Do you have/ carry ~?

I can’t find ~

Do you know where I can get ~?


Pattern practice PM 8;00~8:50

Don’t sweat  焦らないで・落ち着いて

Freaked out 驚く!

I wish I could できればそうしたかったんだけど。。。

Now and then 時々~

2018.05.08 トラベル.パタプラ

19:00-19:50 2 students トラベル

20:00-20:50 2 students パタプラ

Travel English

I’d like to~

May/ Can I~

How can I go to ~

What do you recommend for



Pattern practice

For the first time in~

How can I ~