F3 Class – Saturday, November 10th, 2018

16:30-17:30- 4 students

17:30-18:30 – 2 students

Hello everyone!

Today we started off our conversation with regretful purchases! Have you ever purchased something that you came to regret? What was it? Do you think you would regret the purchase if it was priced cheaper? We talked about all these questions and how we may have made an impulse purchase just because something was on sale, or if it was only on sale for a limited time. These are the power of marketing strategies!

For our next class we covered various topics from how we can make Kyoto more foreigner friendly to special event being held in Kyoto and Osaka for Christmas. My favorite christmas event in japan is the Christmas market in Osaka! It’s located under the sky building and has a lot of food and drink stands!

That’s all for today!




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