Saturday, August 25th

Fri SSB (2) SSB (N)   Sat SSB (2) SSB (N)


We’ve had amazing lessons. Thank you so much for showing your motivation. Like I said, practice and mistakes make perfect and I’m faith in you!

I have a news to tell you, which is about a change in my lesson schedule. From next month, I will only teach on Fridays ; 19:30 and 20:30 class (both are SSB class). So I hope to see all of you an Friday nights. Don’t go for a drink but come to my lessons and learn English together hahaha

It means, it was my last day teaching on Saturday. I’ve had lots of lots of memories that I won’t forget. All were just amazing. I always feel that I’m blessed to have such an amazing students 🙂

Today we learned about adverbs. Here is my question, how often do you use adverbs? More or less, they are important essence to enhance your English ability. Adverbs (副詞) are for explaning verbs (動詞) more in detail. For example,

1. She walks.  2.She walks happily.

Which sentence brings you more imagination? The answer is clear, 2. does.

In other words, adverbs are for saying “how the incidents happened”

She walked quickly? She walked slowly? She suddenly started walking? She walked surprisingly fast?

Don’t you feel adverbs are important?????(・∀・) I think they are!!!

Here are some adverbs you may use.


Enjoy using adverbs and make your communication more fantastic!!

I hope you guys have wonderful weekends and see you soon!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful smile and your  passion during my lessons. I appreciate it so much.

Bye for now!





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