2018.7.13.Friday BF&日本文化

18:30-19:30 2people 19:30-20:30 4people 20:30-21:30 4people
Thank you for coming on a hot day! 猛暑の日に有難うございました!☀
Which travel search do you use when you book a flight?
She uses Rakuten travel wibsite.
She booked a ticket through Rakuten Travel Website.
I booked the cheapest flight through Skyscanner.
How do you cool off/cool down when it is hot outside?
cool off / cool down  涼む
暑いですね~ どうやって涼みますか。
Have you ever tried shaved ice from Konohana that is located next to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.Their famous peach shaved ice
looks very tempting when it is sweltering hot outside.
うだるような暑さ~。。。古の花のモモ味かき氷 そそられますね。
watch horror movie to cool off             go to the haunted house to cool down
Hirakata park’s clown haunted house is tempting? ヒラパーのピエロお化け屋敷怖そう そそられます!?
tempting そそる  I’m tempted by shaved ice.   かき氷にそそられる  Shaved ice is tempting!  かき氷魅力的(そそるもの)
is located next to ~に隣接している
北野天満宮に隣接している古の花 カキ氷有名です
Are you going to enjoy Gion Festival?
Will you play quoits/ ring toss game? shooting gallery/ goldfish scooping game /
祇園祭           輪投げ        射的          金魚すくい
How do you say demekin in English?  出目金って英語で可愛いですよ。。
answer: telescope goldfish
外国人観光客お助け隊 大募集!🐡
Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!
京都:7/26(木)京阪出町柳駅 18時 集合!  
京都 7/31(火)JR大阪駅 桜橋口 14時集合!  
お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~金曜20:30~/大津校18:00
Thank you so much for coming! It was fun!



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