2018.01.28 Sunday: FT

14:00-15:00 | 1 student

15:00-16:00 | 0 students



Hey there! It was a chill Sunday afternoon. Both chill as in cold, and chill as in relaxing! The one student in attendance has previously admitted that because he isn’t confident of his English-speaking abilities, he prefers being in a class that has more than one student. Well, too bad for him! It was just the two of us, hahaha!!

Despite his lack of confidence, the conversation during the class was great. We discussed topics that were not about traveling or hobbies, so the conversation was quite advanced, in my opinion! We shared our outlook and perspective on our own individual lives, and how we live according to what we believe is the best for us and for others. My outlook on life will probably change, according to the student, when I get a bit older and hit the dreaded mid-life crisis. We also briefly talked about public speaking, and how you can learn from listening to speeches by famous people.

Thanks for coming to class! Farewell, Sunday F class!



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