Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 BF

19-20: 3 students

20-21: 1 student

Thanks for coming!

In the first half, we talked about why Japanese have a long life expectancy.

In the second half, we talked about some problems within the educational system in Japan.

Some terms that came up were: script (原稿), to explain (説明する), life expectancy (寿命), environment (環境), to ferment (発酵させる), fermented soybeans (納豆), developing country (発展途上国), dentist (歯医者), IV drip (点滴), sleepover (お泊り), precious (貴重な), obesity (肥満), to look forward to~ (∼を楽しみにする), physics (物理学), cram school (塾), in case of~ (∼の際に), to evacuate (避難する), translator (通訳), and encyclopedia (百科事典).

See you next week!




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