2017.10.26.Thursday 日本文化& BF

seito san exibition

One of the Velco students makes amazing Noh masks. Here is the information about the exhibition starting on the 3rd of November at Shimadai in Karasuma Oike. 生徒さんが能面を作られています!展示会が11月3日(金・祝)10時~17時 嶋臺(しまだい)にて 京都市中京区御池通東洞院西北角 是非お立ち寄りくださいませ!Check it out!

14-15 2people 15-16 2people 16-17 2people

Thank you so much for coming today!お越し下さり 有難うございます!

I heard that many trees were blown down in Kyoto Botanical Garden due to typhoon.

blown down 風でなぎ倒される


I’m jealous! She recently went to Perth, Australia! How was it?  She showed us a photo of the cutest animal Quokka that is known as the happiest animal in the world. It is very cute! I was surprised to know that Quokka comes from same family as the kangaroo. オーストラリははパースへ旅行されたそうです!お土産も有難うございました!パースの可愛い動物 Quokka ”カンガルーと同じ種類だそうで! とっても可愛く世界一幸せな動物と知られているそうです。

Changing leaves will be very beautiful in a month. There will be a lot of foreign travelers visiting Kyoto and Osaka! Why don’t we help them and talk with them? We practiced how to give them directions today. 紅葉が綺麗になる季節がやってきますね!外国人旅行者も増えます。彼らとお話してみませんか?また道案内も。今日は京都駅から伏見稲荷までの行き方を伝える練習をしました。One of the most asked questions from foreign travelers is how to get to Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Thank you so much!

Have a good week!

Will you go to a Halloween party on the 31st?






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