2017.9.7.Thursday 日本文化&BF

14-15 6people 15-16 5people 16-17 3people

Thank you so much for coming today! ご参加有難うございました!

Autumn is in the air. When you meet foreign travelers, what do you recommend them to do and where do you recommend them to go?

She recommends foreign travelers Art Aquarium. You can beautiful goldfish display at Art Aquarium. It is currently held in Nipponbashi.


秋の気配を感じますね。。外国人旅行者へのお勧めはどちらですか。 生徒さんお勧め下さったのがアートアクアリウム 美しい金魚の展示

His recommendation is visiting Kurama Temple in Kurama. I agree with him! You take the Eizan Railway to get to Kurama. You can enjoy Japanese maple leaf tunnel during the fall foliage season.

鞍馬寺  紅葉のシーズンはもみじトンネルで有名で美しいもみじが


We also talked about Kyoto Kentei. Would you like to take the exam? What is the name of the rice cake usually eaten at the beginning of the year?  It is made by wrapping burdock roots and miso paste. 京都検定が12月に行われます。 受験されませんか! 新年祝いに食べられるお餅でごぼうや白みそが入っている食べ物は!?はなびら餅!

What is the most sold ice cream in Japan? It is one of the signature items from Morinaga.  Morinaga Chocolate Monaka is very delicious isn’t it? 秋の気配感じながらまだ残暑が!日本で一番売れている🍨🍨は? 森永 ジャンボチョコモナカ Its monaka skin has a crispy texture. I heard that it is sold at every 0.24 seconds. モナカの皮がパリッで、0.24秒ごとに1個売れているそうです!

It was fun talking with you!





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