2017.8.24.Thursday 日本文化& BF

14-15 1person 15-16 2people 16-17 2people

Thank you so much for coming today! 本日はお越し下さり有難うございました!

We talked about Columbus, Ohio. There is a big Armish Village in Columbus. Their lifestyle is primitive. When I visited the village, I had a chance to eat blue berry pie. I had never eaten such a wonderful pie before. I recommended her to visit there. アーミッシュの村 アメリカに電化製品や車などほとんど無く自給自足の生活を送っている方々の村があります。村の訪問も出来ますので滞在中いらしてみては如何でしょうか!

Dough boy from the Pillsbury Company–  You would see a lot of refrigerated dough sold at grocery stores in the USA. You can bake ready to bake dough and easily enjoy fresh bread, cookies and etc. Dough boy is the mascot character of the company Pillsbury Company. アメリカのスーパーには冷凍されたパン生地が沢山売られていて買って来てオーブンで焼くとフレッシュなパンが手軽に食べられますよ!Pillsbury という会社が有名でそのキャラクターが可愛いDough boy!


Thank you for joining Otasuketai on Friday! We went to Kitano Tenmangu and its market. Good job! They talked with a lot of travelers on Friday! We met a lot of Spanish people! We didn’t know why we met so many Spanish people at the market!!

Have you ever heard of Aipaku before? 🍨🍨🍨🍨 Aipaku is an ice cream event that is held at Abeno Harukas. There are about 100 kinds of ice cream you can enjoy! Check it out! 🍨クリームのイベントが阿倍野ハルカスで行われているそうです。100種類以上!と聞くとワクワクしますね!

29(火) 梅田スカイビル にて外国人お助け隊です!

集合場所:大阪駅 桜橋口 14時集合! 是非

Thank you so much!





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