2017.07.30 Sunday SSB1.2 & P.P.

11:00-11:50 4 students SSB
12:00-12:50    6 students SSB

13:00-13:50 2 students P.P.

Hello everyone! Thank you all for coming today!

Today was my second time to teach the classes, but so many people came. I was so glad to meet you all 🙂 たくさん来てくださって、お会いできて本当に嬉しかったです!



How to use “can”

今日はSSB1.2の2時間を使って”can” の使い方について授業をしました!


She can sing very well. 彼女は歌が上手に歌える。
He couldn’t pass the exam. 彼は試験に合格できひんかった。
Can you tell me the name of the bird? = Do you know the name of the bird? 鳥の名前わかる?
I cannot wait. =I can hardly wait. もう待てへん。
I can handle a lot of alcohol. = I’m a heavy weight. お酒強い!


You can use my computer. どうぞ、私のコンピューター使ってもいいよ。
Can I open the window? -Yes, you can. / Absolutely! 窓開けてもいい?-いいよ!
You can’t use your smartphone in the movie theater. 映画館ではスマホ使わないで!
You can’t go out after finishing your homework. ママ:宿題終わるまでお外いっちゃダメ!


My uncle cannot be rich. 私の叔父が金持ちなわけがない。
He cannot speak English. He cannot be American. 全く英語が話せないのにアメリカ人なわけない!
It can snow in April. 4月に雪が降るということもある。
It can be cold in Okinawa.  沖縄でも寒くなることもある。
Seriously!? That’s can be true. ほんまに!?そんなことがあり得るん!?

It could snow in April.
It could be cold in Okinawa. (couldの方が可能性が低い、自信がない)


Could you come with me? 一緒に来てくれますか?
Could you keep eye on my baggage? 私のカバンを見ておいてもらえませんか?
Could you give me another minute? ちょっと待ってもらえませんか?
Can you pick me up at 7 tomorrow?  明日7時に迎えに来てください。
Can you hand this paper to my boss for me? この書類、上司に渡しといてもらえへん?



too … to … / … enough to …


★too … to … 「とても〜なので、〜することができない」「〜するには〜過ぎる」

He is too busy to read the book. 彼は忙しすぎて本が読めない。
This bag was too heavy for me to carry. このカバンは重すぎて持ち運べない。
Our teacher speaks too fast for us to understand. うちらの先生喋るの早すぎて、理解できひん。
My mother was too busy to prepare the dinner last night. 昨日の夜、お母さんは忙しすぎて夜ご飯準備できなかった。
That mango is too green to eat. あのマンゴーはまだ青くて食べられへん。

★… enough to …「〜するのに十分〜」 「 〜することができるほど〜」

The man is rich enough to buy that new house. 彼はあの新しいお家を買うのに十分金持ちだ
This big box was light enough for her to move. 彼女が動かすには十分軽かった
She woke up early enough to walk to school. 彼女は歩いて学校に行けるほど早起きした。

★too … to … / … enough to …は以下のように書き換えもできます!
This problem is difficult enough to solve. = This problem is too difficult to solve
She was exhausted enough to talk. = She was too exhausted to talk.


Hope you enjoyed my classes today. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in my next class! I’ll be teaching next Saturday!

次は土曜日に授業をします!Hope to see you there.


2017.07.30 Sunday SSB1.2 & P.P.」への2件のフィードバック

  1. T2 7月 30, 2017 / 6:23 pm

    Thanks for valuable lessons also today !
    After lessons I could reduce 2kg at gym, but l will be able to recover more 2kg.
    Because I’m kind of a heavy weight.(笑)
    I sweet a lot enough to drink frosty beer tasty…


    • Natsuki 7月 30, 2017 / 9:11 pm

      Thank you for coming! Drinking beer after hitting the gym must be really good 🙂 It is very nice that you tried to use some grammars you’ve learned today. Keep up the great work!




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