2017.5.26.Friday BF&日本文化

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Thank you for coming tonight! 金曜日の夜に有難うございました!

It was nice meeting you!

prevent   ~を防ぐ   We can prevent traffic accidents if we follow traffic rules. 交通ルールを守れば事故が防げる。

We talked about Anisakis infection and how to prevent it. They told us a couple of ways to prevent it. It’s safer if the seafood has been in a freezer. Thank you for your suggestions!

Summer is just around the corner! Do you have any plans to have a BBQ? I’m planning to have one in July. She recommended us have a BBQ at the river. I once had a BBQ at the river near Matsuo Taisha, feeling the early summer breeze. BBQ生徒さんおすすめは川で、五月の今頃なら涼しいでしょう!just around the corner もうすぐだ breeze そよ風 in a breeze ですと別の意味があり、 He got 800 on the TOEIC in a breeze.  彼は800点簡単に取りました。になります!

It’s Friday night! ➀Why ____ we go for __ __?   🍻飲みにいきませんか!?②I’ll have a ____ . 二日酔いになります。③ Cheers! = ______ 🍻!④ The first ____ is on me! 一杯目はおごるね!(言われたいですね!)

➀ Why don’t we go for a drink? ② I’ll have a hangover.  ③ Bottoms up! ④ The first round is on me!

Would you like to join Otasuketai in Tokyo!?

Hozomon of Sensouji was rebuilt by__?___.  A: Taro Yonetani, a founder of Hotel New Otani. 浅草寺の宝蔵門 再建した人は? ホテルニューオータニの創始者 米谷太郎    東京お助け隊いかがですか!大募集中です!お仕事や用事でいらしている方、途中合流も大歓迎です!

Tokyo otasuke.JPG

It was fun talking with you!

Have a great week!




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