2017/02/26 Sun: BE

BE: 14:00-14:50,  0 students



2017, 2,25, SB, 多読

16:00 to 17:00 1 student
17:00 to 18:00 0 students
18:00 to 19:00 1 student


今日はDo you mind ifについてやりました。Do you mind ifは相手に許可を尋ねる表現ですね。

Do you mind if I go to toilet now?

No, I don`t mind. いいえ、気にしませんよ。

答えるときは気を付けてください。mindが~を気にするという意味があるので気にしない場合はi don`t mindとmindを否定しないと駄目です。
逆に気にする場合は Yes, i mind. という風になります。でもそれだとかなり直接的過ぎるのでSorry but I mind と言ったほうがベターです。

18:00 to 19:00


Key phrase :

acne : ニキビ ※発音はアクニー
itchiness : かゆみ
glow : 赤らむ、柔らかく輝く

utensil : 調理器具
brass : 黄銅
copper : 銅


Thank you for coming to my class today. hope to see you on next time 😉

2017.2.25 Saturday: Free-Talk

4:30pm~5:20pm 2 students
5:30pm~6:20pm 1 students
We had some very natural discussions today during free-talk. I always bring discussion topics to every class, but this afternoon much of our conversation came naturally, and one person’s ideas led to another nuance in the subject matter to discuss. We did share ideas though related to stress and how we best relieve it; whether we have a sweet-tooth compared to a savory-tooth; and what color crayon we would be amongst a box of various colored crayons. It was a pleasure speaking with everyone tonight. Thanks for attending!

Thursday, Feb 23: Travel English+BF1

19:00 ~ 19:50   2  students

20:00 ~ 20: 50  4 students

Yesterday we assumed a situation where we get sick in a foreign country and we need to see a doctor. The students played the role of a doctor and a patient and created their own conversation. They learned new vocabularies regarding the topic and practiced them by doing a role-play.

For the free talking class, the students introduced their famous restaurants and cafes. It was interesting to know that so many special restaurants exist in Kyoto! We planned to try the recommended place during this and next weekend.



Wednesday, Feb 22: F1 + Presentation

19:00 ~ 19:50   3  students

20:00 ~ 20: 50  1  student

On Wednesday we had a nice session talking about the students’ activities during the week. They talked about their workplace, business trip, etc. Later, we had a very interesting discussion about the unfair situations at university, specifically the professors’ power harassment.

For the presentation session, we continued talking about the previous week topic. We shared our ideas and asked each other questions trying to reach a good conclusion.

For the next session please prepare for one of the following topics:

  • Would you ever marry someone famous?
  • Do you think couples should be allowed to choose the sex or other characteristics of their baby like eye color? Why or why not?


2017.2.21 Tuesday: TOEIC800&パターンプラクティス

19:30~20:30 1 student

What a pleasant surprise!!




20:30~21:30 2 students



Apparently, she went to the cooking school on Valentine’s Day.
Actually, it’s my second time to eat chocolate cake in my life.





Wednesday 2.22.17 1-3pm

For the first hour Hitomi told us about her trip to New York.  We asked her questions about where she went, what she did and the differences between Japan and New York culture.  One big difference is that New Yorkers like to talk to each other more than Japanese.  For example restaurant staff talk to each other more while working and people stop on the street and talk to each other more.  We also talk about the food portion size in New York and how it is almost twice as big as food portions in Japan.

Key Vocabulary

to gain weight, v:  to become heavier.  Ex:  I gained weight over the holidays because I ate too many sweets.

padded seats, n:  seats that are soft because they have a cushion.  Ex: The trains in the Japan have padded seats, but the trains in New York have hard, plastic seats.

For the second hour we read an article about how women are better doctors than men, but get paid less than men.  This article talked about the difference in mortality rate between patients of male doctors and patients of female doctors.

Key Vocabulary

readmission, n. : to return to the hospital for a second time

mortality rate, n: the number of people who die


2017/02/21 Tue: FT

FT1: 19:30-20:20, 0 students
FT2: 20:30-21:20, 1 student


Thanks for joining!

Today, a student have talked about a hiking course, Kurama-to-Kibune, he did 2 weeks ago with his friends. How did you get there? How long did it take to get there? What did you see? What did you eat? Did you get any souvenirs?

  • Kifune Shrine
  • Tengu Statue
  • Kurama Temple
  • Osugi Gongen
  • Zenzai

What is the origin of the Tengu legend? How does it look like? What is the meaning of this legendary creature? Do you know any other Japanese folk stories and creatures?

2017.2.20 Monday : 入門トラベル英会話、SB

1:00pm ~ 1:50pm 4 students


2:00pm ~ 2:50pm 5 students
3:00pm ~ 3:50pm 4 students

7:00pm ~ 7:50pm 4 students
8:00pm ~ 8:50pm 5 students


関係代名詞 which, who, where, when, whoseの練習
-> The place where I was born is Kyoto.

-> A place which I want to visit is Hokkaido.


can’t afford 名詞 / 不定詞
-> We can’t afford such an expensive house!

-> I can’t afford to live without a job.

Thank you for coming to my classes:)

2017.2.20 Mon: パターンプラクティス/トラベル英会話

19:00~19:50 2 students

きょうは It’s been a while (since~S+過去形) 久しぶり(に~する)というパターンを練習しました!

It’s been a while…久しぶり!
It’s been a while since I played tennis…久しぶりにテニスするわ
It’s been three years since I met him…三年ぶりにかれにあう


20:00~20:50 0 student

didn’t take place