2017.2.23.Thursday 日本文化&BF

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Thank you so much for coming today! ご参加下さり大変有難うございます!

We are going to visit Kitano Tenmangu tomorrow. This Tenmangu is famous for plum blossoms.  Plum blossoms are blooming now.  梅の花が咲いている How do you say chiru(散る)in English? Good question! Plum blossosms are falling.  She said cherry blossoms represents the fragility. Wow! 凄い! 桜のはかなさについて。。

Her recommended place to enjoy plum blossom viewing is Shouzan that is located in Takagamine. She said the plum blossoms in Shouzan were very beautiful.

Her recommended place to view cherry blossom viewing is Hirano shrine.
I’ve never been there, but there are about 400 cherry trees of 50 kinds. It’s worth visiting there sometime in April, isn’t it?
Thank you for your recommendations!
Thank you so much for lots of goodies you brought for us! You spoiled us with brownies and chocolate from NY!
I was curious about brownies from Fat Witch Bakery!  It was as sweet as I expected!
The in-flight meal she had was Air Kumamon. She really liked it and showed us the photo of it. She would have been thrilled!
たくさんのお土産ありがとうございました。NYの美味しい物ぎっしり!Fat Witch Bakeryは日本でも注目されているブラウニー屋ですね。

Are you used to speaking with foreign travelers? Can you give them directions? If not, I recommend you Otasuketai! We will meet a lot of foreign travelers and enjoy talking with them!外国人観光客とお話しましょう!  28日(火)14時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口集合! 梅田スカイビルに行きます!

Have a great week!

Thank you,




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