2017/02/26 Sun: FT

FT1: 15:00-15:50,   2 students
FT2: 16:00-16:50,   2 students


Hello, hello! Thanks you for joining.

Today`s discussion was revolving around the issue of morality and empathy. Students simply wanted to know why  I have decided to go vegan. For some of them, eating animals products is one of the human rights. This argument was supported by the fact that humans have been eating animals for centuries. Another argument for eating animals was that some animals eat other animals and we, humans, as animals should eat them. One of the students pointed out that members of Green Peace who participate in a anti-whaling campaigning are “extremists”. At this point of our discussion, the definition of moral choice needed to be explained.

Key Vocabulary:

  • herbivore,
  • veganism,
  • vegeterianism,
  • empathy vis sympathy,
  • Mad Cow Disease,
  • moral choice,
  • intensive agriculture,
  • nervous system,
  • capitalism,
  • fertilizer.



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