2016.8.25. Thursday 日本文化&BF

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Thank you so much for coming today!!

How was your trip to Taiwan? He enjoyed his trip very much. 旅行のお話など有難うございました!

He flew Peach! Was it comfortable? One of the students told me that Peach offers you various kinds of meals. You can make a reservation ahead of time. 夏は遠方お出かけされる方が多いですね!台湾は如何でしたか!?He tried Shudofu which is translated as stinky tofu.臭豆腐にも挑戦! 生徒さん情報、ピーチの機内食は豊富で事前に予約できる! たこ焼きも予約できるみたいであの美味しい匂いがたまらないでしょう!

I wanted you to join Otasuketai today!! We went to Kitano Tenmangu because there was a market held in the shrine.  お助け隊!是非ご参加下さいね!ナノハウスの先生方と北野天満宮へ。(マーケットも開かれ賑わっていました)

The teachers from Nanohouse and I visited Kitano Tenmangu today! Why are there torii gates in shrines? They separate this world from the God’s world.  なぜ鳥居があるのですか。神の国と我々の国を分けるためです。

There are many statues of ox on the premises because Sugawara no Michizane was born in an ox year. 菅原道真が丑年に生まれたので多くの牛の像があります。

It was very fun talking with you!!

8/30(Tue) お助け隊 梅田スカイビル! 集合場所:JR大阪駅 桜橋口出口 14時 是非!You will enjoy talking with foreign travelers!

Thank you!!




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