2015.11.26 Thursday: Travel English + Free talking

Travel English: 19:00~19:50 1 student
Free talking:   20:00 ~ 20:50  4 students
We practiced a dialogue on buying souvenirs, asking for a discount, etc.
We then talked about different challenges we faced in our lives and if we are planning to challenge ourselves with something new.
It was amazing to hear the students’ stories on quitting smoking, going on a diet, etc. as big challenges they overcame!

2015/11/25, Wednesday Free Conversation

Free Conversation

13:00 – 14:00 – 0 Students

14:00 – 15:00 – 2 Students

The class today was a very relaxed class, because the conversation ranged from what the style of their home is to whether they had ever lied about their age to people. The students had to chose a topic of discussion and from that topic there were certain questions to answer. I felt that, in choosing different questions to answer and opening up more, we would get to know more about our dislikes and likes and our personalities.

2015.11.27 Thursday : SSB, パターンプラクティス

SSB: 3:00pm ~ 3:50pm 3 students
SSB: 3:00pm ~ 3:50pm 5 students

SSB: 7:00pm ~ 7:50pm 4 students
SSB: 8:00pm ~ 8:50pm 3 student

・a few vs few
・a little vs little
・副詞のa little, a bit


パターンプラクティス: 6:00pm ~ 6:50pm 4 students

Good luck with your new life!
I’m busy working.
・I often / sometimes ~.
Do you want me to turn on the TV?


2015.11.25 Wednesday: BF

19:00-20:00 3 students, 20:00-21:00 5 students

It got cold quick… I don’t like winter…! さっむ・・・(笑)。
Anyway, this week 5 students came to BF class in the cold.

First, we started the conversation by using some phrases,
such as “I’d like (someone) to do ~”. One of the students
would like his daughters and son to help him more
because he is busy taking care of household duties. Another
would like her friends to spend more time with her. Nice

Then, we discussed same-day delivery service, and
how much you would pay for the service. Now some
online shops offer that kind of service, but are you in
that hurry? It was fun to get to know your opinions!
So interesting. I rather wait for a week to get some discount ( ̄ー ̄)


however 形容詞/副詞 SV ~, (譲歩)
However hard I tried, I couldn’t get to sleep.

Time flies.
Time passes quickly.
How many times do you play tennis a week?

Don’t catch a cold!

2015.11.25 Wednesday, Free Talking

Free Talking
19:00 – 19:50 1 Student
20:00 – 20:50 1 Student

Tonight we started off talking about a music festival that the student had gone to in Chiba where she say many punk groups like Lagwagon, High Standard and the Masked Intruders. It sounded awesome, and Masked Intruders presented us a chance to learn the word ‘balaclava’ (a ski mask), and it’s roots in the Crimean war. It is an English word taken from the name of a town in the Ukraine. Who knows what the Ukrainians/Russians call a ski mask?
After this we talked about a news article I had seen on Yahoo news about an ad campaign on subways in New York that caused a lot of controversy. It was for an Amazon original tv series, based on a novel by Philip K Dick, that takes place in an alternate reality wherein the Axis powers won WWII and the USA is occupied by Germany and Japan. The subway ad decorated some subway cars with Axis themed American flags including a Nazi eagle insignia. This caused a lot of trouble with the Jewish Anti-defimation League, but also presented an opportunity for me to teach some new words…

– Defamation – Slander or things said to hurt the reputation or
public opinion about a group of people.
– Semitic (adj)- Originally referring to all people from the
east, but eventually coming to refer to only Jewish people.
– Antisemitic (adj) – Racism or prejudice against Jewish or other
Semitic peoples.

We talked about the Holocaust and early 20th century ideas of eugenics and guided evlution that contributed to the Nazi’s extreme racist ideologies. It was a very dark subject so we moved on to terrorism in the middle east, and we talked about how Japanese people are not properly sensitised to the dangers at home and abroad. We learned a few more words her including…

– Asylum – A place or state of refuge/safety from a threat
– Curfew – An order given for people to be home at a certain

As always it proved to be an interesting and thought provoking class full of deep philosophical topics. Thank you, I really enjoyed myself.

2015.11.24 Tuesday Free Talk

Hey peeps,

24th November 2015
Free Talk Shijo
8:30-9:30pm- 1 student

Hope everyone is okay after the minor tremor today from the earthquake.

Today we did a small one-on-one lesson and discussed the earthquakes we had experienced in our lives. The student and I said that we both couldn’t feel the earthquake today and that we only realised there was one when other colleagues and friends informed us. The student told me about her  experience during the Kobe earthquake and how she felt it even though she lived in Kyoto. We then spoke about TOEIC exams and scores she had achieved in the past. We went on to discuss how expensive fruit is in Japan and compared it to the prices in other countries. This went on to the discussion on health insurance and the differences between Australia and Japan. Dental care seems to be extremely cheap in comparison to Australia. We briefly touched on my truck rental experience today whilst purchasing wood for house renovations.

Cabin Fever
General Practice
Yaletown (a city area in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Thanks for a relaxed lesson. See you all next week.

Emily 🙂

2015.11.24(Tuesday )SSB,パターンプラクティス

SSB 11:00-11:50 2 students

12:00-12:50 1 students



Q. Able to speak two languages equally well because you have used them since you are very young.

⇩⇩ A. Bilingual (バイリンガル)



◇can -could  (可能/可能性)

◇will – would (未来/意思)

◇must (強い義務/強い推量〜にちがいない)

◇should (当然義務/当然推量〜なはずだ)

◇may – might (許可/ 推量〜かもしれない)




May I ask you a question?(許可 / 質問してもよろしいですか?)

She may not come.(推量 / 彼女は来ないかもしれない。)


You must drive carefully.(強い義務 / 注意深く運転しなければならない。)

He must be rich.(強い推量 / 彼はお金持ちに違いない)




13:00-13:50   1 students

◇It is 〜(形容詞) of you to V (Vするなんてはあなたは〜だ)

◇I was about to 〜(〜しようとしていたところだった)







2015.11.20. Friday BF&お助け講座

BF 18:30-19:30 0person 19:30-20:30 1person お助け隊講座 20:30-21:30 2people

Thank you so much for coming tonight! Great! He told me a summary of Tale of the Heike in English very well. It was very easy to understand. Thank you very much! 今学校で勉強されている平家物語について分かりやすくご説明して下さって有難うございました!

Since he was planning to take photos of beautiful autumn leaves, I suggested him go to Kodaiji. There is an awesome spot to take a photo of both five story pagoda (Yasakano tou) and Kyoto Tower very beautifully. Unfortuately the photo I took was blurry,  I could not give him an idea. He would be touched by the breathtaking scenery if he sees it. 京都の紅葉を写真に収めたいという事でしたので高台寺をお勧めしました!五重の塔(八坂の塔)と京都タワーを一緒に撮ることが出来るスポットが高台寺にあります。とても美しいです。お見せした写真が残念ながらぼやけていて(blurry)済みませんでした。見ることが出来たらとても息をのむような美しい景色です!

Have you ever tried Zen meditation before? What about Japanese caligraphy or copying of a sutra? He needs to try Ajarimachi for the first priority! I would like you to try delicious mitarashi dango from Fujinami!

座禅や写経をされた事がありますか!阿闍梨餅も是非食べてみて頂きたいです!清水寺に行くまでにあるみたらし団子(藤菜美)も是非!zen  meditation 座禅     If you sit on your heels for a long time, your feet feel numb. 正座を長い間していると足がしびれる。。

soothe ほっとさせる、和らげる Hotspring is so soothing! Making a flower arrangement might soothe you. It is so cool of you to make a flower arrangement. 華道させれるのですね。素敵ですね!!

Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful noh mask! I’m all thumbs. I don’t think I can make a beautiful noh mask like this. You can open a noh mask museum! 素晴らしい能面を見せて下さって有難うございました! I’m all thumbs. (不器用です)不器用な私には出来ません。。お写真を撮らせて頂きましたが載せ方がイマイチ分かりませんので分かり次第アップさせて頂きます!!

I encourage you to join Otasuketai! It is going to be held on the 24th and the 27th! We are going to go to Umeda Sky Building in Osaka on the 27th. You will enjoy looking at a beautiful Christamas tree there. I think we will meet many foreign travelers. Actually I met a father and a daughter from France on Thursday. They were enjoying travelling in Kyoto and they were impressed by polite and thoughftul Japanese people.  お助け隊ご参加いかがですか!多くの外国人観光客が紅葉を楽しみに訪れています!24日(火)は梅田スカイビル!クリスマスツリーが飾られています。外国人観光客も多く訪れているでしょう! 木曜はフランス人親子にも出会いました!日本人の礼儀の良さと思いやりに感動させていました。フランスではクリスマスはブッシュドノエルとマロングラッセだと仰っていました。日本の絵ケーキが高いことに大変驚いていました!

Stop by the temporary jewerly shop opned by the Velco student!
Place : Daimaru Kyoto Department 1st floor
When: from Wednesday November 18th to Tuesday 24th
生徒さんがJewerly店を出店されます!             期間:18日(水)~24日(火)
場所:大丸京都店 1F 西エスカレーター横特設売場
他のお店も出ているので 生徒さんのお店の名前はRelie(ルリエ)です。

Thank you so much for coming and have a great week! I enjoyed talking with you!










2015.11.22 Sunday: BF


15:00~15:50:BF 1 Student

16:00~16:50:BF 1 Students


We had one student today!

We talked about the christmas market held in Osaka today.

Today’s student has gone for the last few years and was planning to go this weekend.

I was also interested in going so I asked about what they have at the market.

I’m not going to have class next week! Sorry.

Today’s vocab

Cumbersome めんどう


Thanks for coming!


2015-11-22 Sunday Business English and Free Talking

Business English – Lesson 1 – 12:00-13:00 – 1 Student

Lesson 2 – 13:00-14:00 – 1 Student

In the first lesson we went over business emails and phrases for formal, neutral or informal tone.

In the second lesson, we looked at some business letters and corrected spelling and grammar.

Free Talking – Lesson 1 – 14:00-15:00 – 1 Student

Lesson 2 – 15:00-16:00 – 1 Student

In the first lesson we spoke about the student’s recent business trip to Hokkaido. We talked about their job, medical trials and jobs people do when they are university students. The student said about wearing a costume for one of their jobs and we spoke about the Osaka Santa Run happening next Sunday – the 29th of November. We then talked about marathons and the costumes people wear for them and then to raising money for charity, such as a person who swam round the English coast. We finished the lesson talking about water sports such as surfing.

In the second lesson, I spoke to the student about the Umeda Halloween party, as the last time they saw me I was dressed as a vampire. We talked about the Velco schools and where the student lived in relation to which school was closest. The student said they usually cycle here, and I told them about the bike I recently bought and a route I cycle. We spoke about public and bank holidays and the student’s plans for the public holiday tomorrow. We finished the lesson talking about other public holidays, especially Christmas and New Years, and our plans for them.


Thank you all for coming today, I hope to see you again soon ^_^