2015.11.30 Monday Travel, Pattern

Travel 2-3 PM 1 Student

We spoke about asking for directions at the information center, and as the student said she was interested in New York, we talked about landmarks and important sight seeing spots of New York.
We walked through asking for a city map, and recommendations.

Pattern 3-4 PM 2 Students

We walked through some conversational phrases for making plans and invitations, discussing the nuances in phrases such as “would you like to go  for a drink?” vs “Would you like to go for a coffee?”

Travel 6-7 PM 4 Students

We walked through a role play for conversation while on a tour, and we spoke about the various name-types of roads and what they mean.

Pattern 7-8 PM 3 Students

We spoke about some “phrasal verbs” for emotion and health, as I noticed a student had a mask on.
I asked “Are you feeling under the weather?” and we continued through feeling up, feeling down, and coming down with something.


Key Words:

Keep in mind
Anywhere in mind
Over the rainbow Vs Over the moon
Under the weather



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