2015-11-28 Saturday Free Talking.

Lesson 1 – 15:00-16:00 – 1 Student.

Lesson 2 – 16:00-17:00 – 1 Student.

In the first lesson we spoke about the music concerts that the student had been to during the week; one was a classical music concert and the other a rock festival near Tokyo. We talked about the bands they had seen and enjoyed. We spoke about bands using different and interesting instruments to make them stand out from other bands. I mentioned buskers in London and how some people used to be signed for record deals from busking. Now, people just need to search Youtube to find new artists. We then spoke about music making you think of scenes and colours and finished the lesson talking about synaesthesia.

In the second lesson, we spoke about Pop culture, especially around piercings and tattoos. We talked about movements such as Punk, who had lots of piercings, strange hair cuts and fashion. We talked about places in the UK that are known for ‘alternative’ culture, such as punks; the most famous being Camden in London. We talked about tattoo designs, and other things people are getting done now, such as sub-dermal implants and scarification. We then talked about cultures that use tattoos as a ritual or rite for coming-of-age, and other trials that are used as coming-of-age rituals. We finished the lesson talking about tattoo mistakes, such as people having the wrong spelling, or Chinese or Japanese characters that do not mean what they think it means.



Busk (er/ing).







Thank you for coming today, I hope to see you again soon 🙂



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